Published on June 29, 2022 (Updated on July 11, 2022)

Feral Nature Add-on - Tundra Update!

due to the fact Minecraft wild update was a disappointment because of dismissed announcements, adding a new type of swamps and forgetting that they were supposed to update already existing swamps too, making a small update that was announced to be a big update, not listening to the community and other things that disappointed most of us so i decided to make my own wild update coming with a FERAL NATURE ADD-ON a new add-on that adds few new plants such as bananas, blackberries, and chestnuts and we can't forget about 24 mobs like bears, bison's, vultures, turkeys, deer and some squirrels

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-fixed model bugs

-replaced poison frog with possums

-replaced vulture with brown spider

-replaced camel with black spider

-added moose

-added husky dogs

-added opossums

-added venison food

-added moose antlears item

-added moose headdress figure out yourself how to craft it

-changed the polar bear texture to more blue-ish so it will easly blind in with the snow

-added a new mcaddon file



  • 4Feral_anature_faddon__btundra_update_1656919324406.mcaddon (414.78 KB)

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Don't Discontinue It and Add Armadillos, Okapis, Blackbucks, Pronghorns and Nilgais.
Fix Any of the Mobs That Are Weird (and Not Normal) In-Game
know thats how you model a squirrel
sorry ,publishing the addon was a mistake due to it being to buggy or crashes every second for me it did not crash the game but for others did addon may get updates but for now lets say that will be discontinued for a while
Hey man the mod is not working it crashes and closes my game please fix it.its crashing evry 5 minute.
Download link is broken?
Bring back camels Please
ok i will bring them back and delete the brown spider
Como hay variedad de arañas?
can you PLEASE add possums?? I've been looking for a mod for bedrock with possums for so long, ill literally commission you if needed
Ok i will add opossums and possums in the next update of this bedrock mod/addon and opossums will spawn in the snowy tundra biome while possums in jungles and replace poison frogs
Hi! your addon looks amazing! could you do it for version 1.17?
Jabalí domésticable plisssss
De acuerdo, agregaré la posibilidad de domar al jabalí y ponerle una silla de montar... y puede llevar un poco más de tiempo porque primero corregiré algunos errores y agregaré 3 mobs para la tundra y 3 mobs para las montañas.
Hey I think i need your help, I am having trouble with this addon.

Everytime i make a new world with this addon enabled the game freezes and just closed by itself

and when i did finally managed to load in a world with the addon enabled but when i try to spawn one of the addons mobs and as i soon i placed down the spawn egg the game freezes and closes again.

I don't know if it's just my device is the issue or was it the addon itself.

Either way is there for me to fix this issue?

Update: Okay so I learned that the crash only happens when i spawn a brown bear from the addon which is very strange.
The Knee Collector June 29, 2022 at 4:34 pm
Do the animals have delicious flesh, perhaps?
I loved the models and textures of the animals, your addon is simply amazing! I also liked that we could interact and tame the creatures