More Bear Species Addon

This addon adds 21/32 bear species. It's the addon with the most mobs added. Last one did not appear in MCPEDL because they denied it. This addon is for everyone who wants it!

(Im not english im polish but it is written in english because english is the world language)  I need to give warning addon is made by me soo to use it to make maps to dowland you need have permission from me and give link to this addon   this addon can be only available on mcpedl  that mean DON'T PUBLISH AS YOU OWN , DON' PUBLISH ON OTHER PAGES AND DON' PUBLISH IT ON ALL APP'S WITH MODS A SPECIALY THESE LLIKE MASTER FOR MCPE , MODS FOR MCPE , ADDONS FOR MCPE AND DON' CREATE APP ALOWWING TO DOWLAND IT          IF YOU WANNA MAKE A SHOWCASE OF  THIS ADDON GIVE LINK TO IT BECAUE PEOPLE WHO WANTS ADDON FROM SHOWCASES ON YOUTOBE EXIST                                                                                                                                        All types of brown bears/normal bears

They apear in all type of forrests and taigas accept for died out ones now ussuri Syrian and Europe ones are tameable with sweet berries and honey combs the most useful are europe one because he or she will after taming attack monsters and mobs that you punch but before tame they attack monsters too sometimes you need tame another bear some times they attack creepers and they blow up and bear died

All types of black bear

All apear in taigas all because none of black bears died out thay are tameable and ride able after tame like black bear they are tameable only with honey comb

All grizzly bear types 

Thay apear in taigas and mesa / badlands accept for died out ones

Weird bear types

they apear in jungle , roofed forrest and in mountains with thees moon bear is only tameable with honeycomb they are readable after taming

Died out bear species

They apear in the end or nether even both in actual addon short faced bear is bigger than that on picture 

Polar bears change to worse or better?


Change in texture,how big it is and its agressiwe 

Bonus bear type the black bear from fox and the hound (very old Disney's movie) (bear attack scene)  (it naturaly spawn in rare biomes and it's rare to it naturaly spawn)

New Americans black bears and European brown bears have change sounds


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Press the file and it will probably dowland then import it to minecraft zip. Files are for bedrock edition on pc or laptop .Mcaddon file are for mobile minecraf  bedrock eddition/minecraft pocket edition/minecraft  for smartphones


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i forgive to say
-grolar brown bear
grolar grizzly bear
grolar kodiak bear
grolar european bear
Brawn brown bear (black bear and grizzly bear hybrid)
brawn grizzly bear
brawn eurasian bear
brawn kodiak bear
intercontinental hybrids
Grizzly bear and brown bear hybrid
kodiak bear and brown bear hybrid
european bear and brown bear hybrid
Grizzly bear and kodiak bear hybrid
european bear and kodiak bear hybrid
brown bear and kodiak bear hybrid
european bear and grizzly bear hybrid
european bear and kodiak bear hybrid
european bear and brown bear hybrid
and also , i want what the bears can get bear cubs with honeycomb and other things
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I will adds euroasian grollar and european graolar ass one bear because eurasian brown . And european brown bear are the same species
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Ok but if i make thesee apear by bredding it won't work soo i will make thessee apear like for example if pollar bear kill grizzly it will apear grolar bear
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thank you. Also i have ideas for new bears.
-Atlas bear
-Albino bears (panda,grizzly,spectacled bear, asian black bear,sun bear)

-red pandas
-ailuropoda baconi
-ailurarctos lufengensis
-ailuropoda microta
-kretzoiarctos beatrix

agriotherium species see wikipedia
dall island brown bear
atlas bear
gobi bear
mexican black bear
indian sloth bear
malayan sun bear (helarctos malayanus malayanus)
japanese black bear
golden moon bear
taiwan black bear
arctodus pristinus
nandi bear
-cave bear subspecies
airurarctos tirawa (a mitologic bear)
glacier black bear
oregon grizzly bear (dwarf grizzly or lava bear)
kolponomos clallamensis (nutria bear)
kolponomos newportensis (2nd nutria bear)
parictis parvus
ursavus elmensis
ceophalogale geoffroyi
for now that was all the bears (i think)
also can i re-texturize the addon?
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Ok i will try to add these but i whic of bears i need to retexture
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And some suggested bears are arleady in addon
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Im planing about adds to addon new bear from real life with 2 color varriarts but varriants will split into 2 mobs and firts weapon "bear spray" it will slow down bear , blind the bear , give 1 time to bear damage and return to regular speed, vision , health will regenerate after short time because damage effect gives 3 health damage
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I forgot to say it will give chance to retreat as fast as possible away before on bear efects stop working
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And don't break the moment attack european european brown bear with out armor they give 9 health / 4.5 heards damage
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Hey, love the addon! Great job! However, is there possibly a way to make it a media file and directs you straight to minecraft once downloading, it makes it a tonne easier.
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Great addon buddy!! Keep up the great work
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And i forgot to say 4 bears that arleady are in addon will gonna have change models in future but stil in vanilla minecraft style
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In future brown bears accept for died out one and kodiak one will be tameable and black bears to will be tameable accept for formosan one and sun bear and moon bear will be to
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Some with honey combs and some with honeycombs and sweet berries
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