Published on May 22, 2022 (Updated on August 09, 2022)

Fezario Animal Addon v1.3 (The Tropical Update)

fezario is an addon that adds new mobs to minecraft! not only mobs, fezario also adds new items and structures to Minecraft!Mobs in the fezario addon can also appear naturally, so you can play this addon in survival mode 


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-added blacktip reef shark

-added grey reef shark

-added iguana

-added rhinoceros

-added orangutan

-added monkey

-added toucan

-adden hermitcrab

-added crab

-added nautilus

-added python

-added protoceratop

-added ruddy treeshrew

-added clam

-added illager trader

-added snakehead fish

-added palm tree

-added algae

-added new items(crab claw, pearl, shell) 

-swordfish remodel

-bettafish remodel

-komodo dragon remodel

-fixed dry grass and small cactus geometry


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NOTE: fezario addon does not support the "mcaddon" file because an error may occur when importing it into minecraft
Hey, i love your mod add on but i couldn't keep it for long due to the trader non stop spawning in my house. there were literally 20 in my house and they kept spawning as i killed them as well. i was just wondering if there was a way for me to get rid of the trader so i can enjoy the mod without my house being filed with traders lol
Bro can you add a capybara from untamed animals from java. pls I love it's texture
Bro I really loved your addon but I can't use it with others addons, some textures and animals just don't show up, I hope you can fix that 😉
How can I tame and breed komodo dragon? I used rotten meat but it doesn't work
It is the best animal addon for mpce. The animations are amazing and the models are wonderful. It is quite similar to the java mod "Alex's mobs", however, it has its own personality making it even more amazing. I look forward to future updates as I see a lot of potential here. I have some suggestions for possible creatures:
-Barn owl
-Ypupiara (brasilian raptor)
-Terror bird
-Basilisk Lizard
This addon looks amazing but I can't install it because of the .zip file. I'm not very tech smart (I'm kinda tech dumb) so I was wondering if you could make a video showing how to install.
I think you should add common carp which you can tame them with seagrass and then it will convert to one of koi variants and make koi not spawn naturally because koi can't survive in nature in real life
Did some digging with other coders we can confirm, there IS some sort of child pornography within this mod. Not 100% as the code's are separate, and the code looks to be trying to be hidden from the creator of this mod pack. The mod itself is cool, but seeing what's inside the mod pack I suggest other people to NOT download any sort of plugin this person makes in the future.
I'm sure this would be a great addon but could you make it for 17.30 and not make them zip because I have problems uploading zip files.
Ótimo addon amigo! Simplesmente incrível!
I really liked the addon, keep updating.
A motherfucking pedo....
I thought your add-on was good, but...
There's literally a secret mob called "loli", and item called "pipis loli" do you have everything ok with your head?
What’s more suspicious is that those files are only present in version 1.3, newest version
It is, mate. Also it's horrifying, because at least half of mcpedl users (and me) are still under 18, so seeing this over here would be gross. Let's just watch, if this "easter egg" won't be removed in later versions we should report him.
I love the textures it's one of the only vanilla adoons I could find but man

Your a pedo plus what's with the secret file? Pervert
im confused what?
TheMinecraftCockatiel August 12, 2022 at 2:53 pm
there is an item called loli and i think a mob too, they are both hidden in the files and not ingame. there is also a weird file with an emoji as it's name.
This is like alexs mobs mod from java:)
TheMinecraftCockatiel August 11, 2022 at 5:49 pm
why is there a weird zip file inside the behaviour pack with an emoji as it's name which contains 15 numbered files which each contain files with letter as names which then contain different files with emojis of different animals which are empty? and why is there an item called loli, degenerate?