Published on February 26, 2020 (Updated on April 27, 2021)

Lulu Find The Button [Minigame]

This is a Find The Button map which me and some friends made. Some of the levels are made by me and other levels are made by my friends. I hope you enjoy it anyways. This is also my first map.

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added 3 more lvls:
the hallway
worst level ever (thats how its named)

and a overhaul to the thumbnail
and added new images to the page



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letting you know there (map v1.1.4 while writing this) is a "hint" in lvl 3 that is outdated so pls ignore that hint :)
I would Love To Play this On My Channel Thanks For This Amazing Work
I love the maps, because they are simple and small. I LOVE IT!!!
The maps are also good for mobile players. Thats a really good thing.

Yay I finished good map, btw it’s spelt ‘amazing’.
Hi I’m stuck on the level with the village, any hint could help even if it’s a small one!
So im kinda stuck on lvl 2
everyone complaining about 3. 3 was easy for me.......... i watch a lot of button videos XD
O cant find where the button on level 3 is me and my friends have spent around 30 minutes looking for it and no luck, i tried looking here to see if anyone had found it but nothing. i would really like it if you helped us out. thank you!!
look behind the chests
sorry for the really (8 days wow) late response but it will have a hint sign in the next update and that sign should be easy to find (i hope)
Guest-3850360474 May 20, 2020 at 3:36 pm
help on the bank one
look behind the chests
if u have trouble downloading it pls say what device u are on i cant help u if u dont say what device u are using
I can't download your map It says Download Failed. Fix this plss
can u say what device your playing on? that will help alot
I need help with the tree level there’s a cookie under the tree does it have to do with the button??
a liitle nod to a friend but the vines will help u close by
I need help with the tree level there’s a cookie under the tree does it have to do with the button?
nope its just a little nod to a friend of mine :)
i need help on the disco level
tip: use the lever
I've been trying to use the lever and figure it out but I am still confused
I still can’t find it, the one with the little house
The cave one ? Its in a 1x1 hole up by the diamonds
Shouldve made the button a diffrent material srry my fault

Cant update now cause i already submitted the lvl 3 fix