Published on October 01, 2020 (Updated on June 22, 2021)

Lulucraft (Version 0.3.4)

This texture pack is a still work in progress stuff can change.

This pack is for the people who like a simple and childish art style.

I saw that a lot of people wanted the texture pack so imma make it public. its also some adds and such this pack is just for people that are interested in the pack.

And also might get friends to also make textures for it cause why not.
hope u u like the pack and feedback is greatly appreciated.

This texture pack was (still is) my personal texture pack but people wanted to also have it so i making it public 

thank you :
Crystal wolfe™


Nightdesert326 (boneblock)



there are 5 modes
pvp (for the people that likes to pvp alot)
lulu (just some stuff with my face/ friends things)
survival help (has crops done indicator and outlined ores)
HD (hd textures)


be sure to restart the game if u choose a option
(some pics can be outdated)

Select version for changelog:


changelog 0.3.4

keep in mind that the subpacks arent updated it yet

updated eye of ender texture
added bucket axololtl texture
added copper ingot texture
added bucket powder snow texture
added smooth basalt texture
update all ore textures
added deepslate textures
added copper ore texture
added glow lichen texture
added glow item frame texture
added amethyst block texture
added amethyst budding texture
added amethyst cluster texture
added small medium and large amethyst buds textures
added amethyst shard texture
added glowy boi
added raw ores textures
added hanging roots texture
added rooted dirt texture
added tuff texture
added spyglass texture
updated enchanted glint texture
added azelea leaves texture
added azalea bush texture
added lightning rod texture
added tinted glass texture
added dripstone textures
added powder snow texture
added dripleaf plant texture
added moss texture (treenara)
added glow berries texture
added copper and cut veriants (with their exideing textures) textures
added raw blocks textures


  1. download the .mcpack file
  2. double click/open the pack
  3. 3 it should import itself
  4. (if u want to a diffrent mode) go to pack select click on the setting icon and choose if u want my face all over or dont (be sure to restart the game if u changed it)


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4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
Random poland guy July 19, 2021 at 2:16 pm
Really good not my style but definitely a 10/10
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Random poland guy July 19, 2021 at 2:16 pm
Nice not my style tho but 10/10
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I search 20+ texture packs but I found this is the best one. But can you please change the name from lulu to minecraft because it sound very funny
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I like this its what i have been looking for a texture pack kinda like ocd and kinda like cartoony and the best part is that it has mcpack instead of just zip
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it has very close resemblance to bare bones is it inspired by that??
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This Texture Pack Has Got MUCH Better, The new totem texture is really funny btw!
Keep up the good work
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:D thanks, the thing that i might change later is the coral fans because they are just recolors of echother because i got abit lazy
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EPICEPICEPICEPIC, but.. can u add pvp hd Subpacks? i like 32x pvp packs :'( pls add that, plsssssss
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So u mean like all the things in 1?
Hmm idrk but ill think about it
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does this change the texture of the mobs too like the creeper it showed?
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yes a few of the mobs are changed and more will be added my personal favorite is the strider
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I love this texture pack a lot, i have been using it for about a month and enjoyed it TONS! One issue is im a The Hive player and the chain armour looks a little odd and chain armour appears a lot in The Hive. Otherwise, great pack!
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i might have an idea how to fix this problem but ill have to dig around how to change the textures on the spot like as an option
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pretty cool,cartoonish but like it
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