Published on November 28, 2019 (Updated on November 28, 2019)

Find The Button -Quarter Chunk-

Welcome to "Find The Button -Quarter Chunk"Check into your room on floor 1 and don't forget to take nice dip in our pond on floor 7, we hope you find your stay a most enjoyable and relaxing experience.

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"Find The Button-Quarter Chunk-" is now open for business on, Enjoy Your Stay!!!

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Thanks for making the map and for helping out people who asked. Your responses helped me out a bit on level 4. I found a hole in the barrier blocks at around 8 36 -54 in the end, so I never found the last button. Also, props on level 3, it took me forever to figure out.
Hello, thanks for such a positive comment, i've been aware for some time now that there is a hole in the barriers in the end level, but i've kinda given up on this map, i'm not gonna be giving it any updates, ngl, i kinda hate this map now (not enough to take it down) i really don't like the design i've used in this map for the buildings in all, so instead of tearing myself down from this hatred, i've decided to use it to motivate myself into making a map with better design, commands, and more useless things that just look cool, the map has been in progress for about 3 months now because my "team" took a break, its back in the process of being finished now so expect a map to release from me soon, from the sounds of it, you like to play puzzle maps so i really do think you will this one, and thanks for the input on level three, i made two mistakes on that level about the builds (able to get out of map, and hole in wall near villager) so it's not my proudest level, but hey, if you found it fun, i did something right? thanks for playing!
Can’t find the button on level 3
Where is the button in the end?
I need help with level 8
Someone reply PLEASE!!
Where is button on lv 1
Where is button in level 4
Very cool map but i found a way how to die in the end.
You can text me at Discord : HirosFX#6135
Great map! Can’t figure out the village level though hahaha
Level 4 or something
There are two level of level "4" but i'm pretty sure it's on top of the small house on your right when you first spawn into the level if that helps
Where is it on the other level 4
How do you do the elder portal one?
it's hard, but if you keep at it I'm sure you'll get it, you can always give up if you've had enough
How about the 2nd part to lvl 4
Where is the button in the village
died in the end there is a small cave section that the floor drops also could you put a button to take you back to the beginning for people that die and want to finish the end level .
Will do, Thanks for the feed back!!