Published on April 10, 2020 (Updated on March 02, 2021)

Find The Button: Random Edition

Special thanks to my friend aiden for helping me creating this map!

Are you bored because of being quarantined? Try playing our game! This game has 10 levels some  are hard and some are easy and some levels are trolls ;) this is my first map! please leave a suggestion if you want to suggest something!

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Added/Fixed the Suggested versions of this creation. 

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Whenever I open it in minecraft it says that the import failed ????? Help pls
For some reason, it says that I can't connect to the world because the world is on a 'newer' version of Win10. But I am on that version. Could anyone tell me why this happens?
Just skip the ads and wait for 15-25 seconds and you will be directed to the link to download
it doesn't let me in the game.
Cool game
Love it ?