Published on September 12, 2020 (Updated on September 12, 2020)

Find The Button : Remastered Edition

In this map you will find 25 levels to face, the level will take place inside a large cube, where you will have to find the button to go to the next level.

Does this map remind you of anything? Very well, as read from the title of the map, this is a Remastered of the map "Find The Button: Story Edition" with improved levels both from the point of view of size and from an aesthetic point of view. If you want to play the other map first, download it and you will also get to know the story it has. This map does not reconstruct the story like "Find The Button: Story Edition"

If you have played "Find The Button: Story Edition" surely this level will not be able to connect it to some other level of that map. This is the first level and the change is drastic

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