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Published on October 25, 2019 (Updated on October 26, 2019)

Find The Button V1

This is a simple 5 level find the button map. It is my 3rd map but 1st in this community. Please enjoy and consider the fact I’m not a pro at building. Enjoy!!

Oh No! Find the button, yet again. This time 5 different levels...

Oh No! Find the button, yet again. This time 5 different levels. Extra fun! Play at own risk. 5 levels are





-Parkour (very easy)

Explore the different biomes and you get few pets as well.

also the parkour is very very hardn’t. Be sure to enjoy and don’t call the FBI!


What is find the button?

Find the button is a minecraft minigame where the main objective is to find a button. After you find the button you click it and proceed to the next level. It is very fun and easy.


Imagine, you are stuck in a world, where the only escape is.....


it could be anywhere. From your head to the extreme hills. Do you have the courage to find it. Do you? 

Find out now by playing *Find The Button V1*

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Changed download link as last one was not paying me


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