Find The Lever - Desert

Are you sick and tired of finding buttons? In this puzzle map, you can find levers instead! Search for and flick levers in traditional and unique ways in 10 confined levels. This map's theme is the Desert, and this is only a single game in an 8-part map series. Although bleak and desolate, the desert can still hide items decently on the sand.

Minecraft Bedrock

Singleplayer or multiplayer

Original version: 1.14.20 

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  • Find-The-Lever---eDesert_1587754334.mcworld

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Guest-8773099308 May 25, 2020 at 8:02 am
Is it okay to download this for 1.16+?
this is so fun and its real!other ones take me to a virus website but this one is good pls make another one of these!
We already have a million find the lever and find the button maps! Stop making them please. : l
Your wasting your own time kid -_- Let people make what they want
yeah lol kid this kid aint' got no skills