Find The Lever - Cave

Are you sick and tired of finding buttons? In this puzzle map, you can find levers instead! Search for and flick levers in traditional and unique ways in 10 confined levels. This map's theme is the Cave, and this is only a single game in an 8-part map series. Along with ores, the cave is also good at concealing levers.

Minecraft Bedrock

Singleplayer or multiplayer

Original version: 1.14.20

Website | Youtube

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The link is now updated and provides a direct download


  • Find-The-Lever---1Cave_1587754700.mcworld

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Great map easy to download fun to play.
So an update this late dang
I finished the level! I found a secret in ur map. If u brake the barrier and go inside the ender portal: u will find the mooshrooms and a Steve head with iron armor (Armor stand)
Help your link is screwed I tap on it to download and it takes me to a page full of 18+ content (°_°)

P.S this looks like a dude taking a dump lol ------> --4°
Sorry for the bad link. If you're having trouble downloading the map through that link, you can always go to my website ( which is posted in the map description and download it from there without any of those ads
Even use watching the video this map gets 5/5 stars. Can’t wait to play it.
Tried downloading it, having trouble. I get past the add page but it just says you have won some kind of reward thing, which I’m pretty sure is fake.
It probably means u have a virus? That happened also to me and it says that it's probably a virus