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Fire and Blood

FIRE AND BLOOD is a plugin inspired by the books "Fire and Blood" by George .RR Martin but it is not based on the books, this plugin aggregates mythological creations for being the first version (1.0.0) only aggregates 5 mobs, if The plugin receives a lot of support, promising to update with new mechanics when selling the second part of minecraft 1.17 (December 2021), armor for mobs, etc. as the publication of direct inserts, is prohibited (allows the use of programming codes with finishing touches, but the use of sound, textures, models, etc. of this complement).




Dragons appear in the "extreme_hills" biome and it is neutral, it will attack you or ignore you, it depends on your luck. The dragons will start flying when they are furious, and you can shoot them down in the air with arrows.

Dragons can attack melee or can send fire in blasts.

* dragons only have one color at the moment


-Life: 100

-Loot: dragon egg and bones

-Attack: 5

When dragons die they can drop their dragon egg which can be placed anywhere. Dragons will hatch after 20 minutes (1 day in minecraft).

after the dragons hatch, their egg will hatch and the broken egg can be transformed into bone powder on a crafting table

Baby dragons can be tamed with "Fish Stew" (a new item to be seen later) and you can grow them with meat, fish, and fish stew.

all dragons can be cured with meat and fish. 

You can ride the tamed dragons and sit them down so they don't run away (tamed dragons can't fly at the moment, they will have new mechanics in the next update).



Mountain goats are based on minecraft goats but with a few slight changes, goats will appear in the mountains (extreme_hills) and you can tame them with hay bales.

goats have 2 variants, the white goat and the brown goat

Mountain goats have the same characteristics as minecraft goats but they cannot give milk.

* mountain goats are bigger than minecraft goats

You can ride the goats and sit them


-Life: 20

-Loot: wool and meat

-Attack: 3



Cockatrices are hostile mythological chickens, they will attack you when they see you so be careful.

you can tame them with wheat and reproduce them with seeds, when you tame them they will defend you from hostile mobs and those who harm you

Domesticated cockatrices can sit


-Life: 40

-Loot: cockatrice feather and chicken

-Attack: 5



The Draugr are dead warriors who come back to life in search of revenge, they are basically zombies but they do not burn in the day, they can appear with equipment, draugr sword and silver ax (more information in the items section).

The draugr will attack the cockatrices and goblins.


-Life: 20

-Loot: bones and equipment

-Attack: 3


Goblins are neutral mobs, if you attack them they will attack you, they appear in the "Taiga" biome like wolves and foxes.

The goblins can be tamed with fried chicken and after tame them you can equip them with a backpack made with a turtle shell. you can cure them with meat, chicken and fish

The elves with a shell will be Farmers, it is important that you give them seeds so that they can sow, otherwise they will not sow seeds. The elves will keep the harvest in their backpack and you can collect them whenever you want

* the elves have 7 variants as seen in the images


-Life: 20

-Loot: bones and equipment

-Attack: 4


Cockatrice feather:

The cockatrice feather is a drop of the cockatrice and is used to make "Hidromiel"

Draugr Sword:

This sword is a Draugr equipment and cannot be crafted but can be obtained by killing a Draugr and has a damage of 4 (has enchantments)

Silver ax:

This ax is a Draugr equipment and cannot be crafted but can be obtained by killing a daugr and has a damage of 7 (has enchantments).

Honey cube:

It is used to make mead

Coat of mail:

used to make a Viking armor

Turtle backpack:

This backpack is more of a chestplate, it is used to equip goblins and you can use it as a chestplate, it protects 4 (you can't use it as a backpack)


hidromiel is a fermented drink that gives you:

-life: 5

-effects: absorption, resistance

it is obtained by fermenting honey (more information later)

Viking armor:

This armor is found with the other armor and can be equipped like the turtle shell



The barrel is crafted in a similar way to the normal minecraft barrel, it is used to make mead

Steps to make mead:

1- First you must fill it with a bottle with water

2- then you must fill it with a bucket of honey and it will turn pink


3- Then you must ferment it with a cockatrice feather and it will turn red

4- Then you can remove up to 4 jars with mead



The jar serves to transport the mead in a more orderly way, it can contain up to 4 jars of mead and can be transported in any of its states

NOTE: If you are going to upload the plugin to YouTube, please share this download link and do not upload direct links, any content theft will be reported and deleted.

You can report bugs and recommendations in the comments!!!


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This complement requires the experimental game modes.


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I am working on the updates of this plugin, don't worry, I will update it soon
I think this Mod will get abandoned if it gets updated who knows Subnautica mod is abandoned but it's making a comeback,I mean who knows if this gets updated.
Hola buenos días este addon se ve que tiene mucho potencial y sería genial que lo actualicen. Porfa y gracias por su atención
Hola buenos días este addon se ve que tiene mucho potencial y sería genial que lo actualicen por favor y gracias por su atención
hi id like to use your addon on a server im making can i ?
great plugin, wait for the update
I had loved this addon, but I saw that it is not updated so I will wait for it to be updated to install it, I hope and it will be soon, also if you can improve the texture of the dragon, it is somewhat outdated and ugly, also the xD animation.

I'm using a translator, so sorry if there are any spelling mistakes since I speak Spanish xD.
I am working on the updates of this plugin, don't worry, I will update it soon
i really really love this addon can you pls add some other mhytology mob like orcs, cyclopes, mermaids etc and that would be great for your addon i hope youbnotice me and keep it up!!💕💕
Draugers are invisible?
So here’s some bugs when a tamed fire dragon fly’s it gets untamed and when you breed cockatrice the baby is untamable also can you add more variations for the dragons and make them bigger and maybe they spawn in nest and there’s a chance of a egg and dragon scales and dragon armor and maybe tools and griffins and maybe a dragour fortress that would be cool
BruhChillIt'sJustAComment July 07, 2021 at 6:39 am
Can you make a discord server, to show development and cool new stuff? Also a suggestion for a mob: Sea serpents. They only spawn in ocean, and will attack you, even when inside a boat. They can be tamed like dragons, but their eggs only hatch underwater, if on land, baby will take damage upon hatching. Also, by killing adults, you can get scales that you can use for potion of dolphin's grace (i didn't really have some special ideas).
what ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊๊
This is so coll
I have a bad feeling about this. Whenever a creator makes a wonderful addon. It is likely to be updated or abandoned on Version 1. Look at our old pal Minecraft Menagerie.