Lamorak Mobs

Lamorak mobs adds new animals with unique characteristics to your world, the objective of this addon is not to be just another animal addon, but rather that these are useful for the development of your game.

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Added to the ant

added amber blocks

new related items were added

The banana tree was updated

the Hannibal guide was added

Added more functionality to snails


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Love it pls add more mobs I suggest zebras,anteaters,reindeers,porpoises,and penguins
Hello friend, how are you?
You will make a port for Creatures From The Snow mod?
How exciting, I really appreciate that you updated it, that makes me very happy and how cool that you added another Mobs, let's hope that more beautiful Mobs will be added for future updates
Update to 1.20.31, and add more extras to the addon
I am working on the update, in addition to other mods, but soon I will update with the new mob with mechanics. spoiler: it's an ant