Published on May 18, 2022 (Updated on May 27, 2022)

Firefly Addon By Eslaifxd

¿Has pensado en cómo se verían las luciérnagas en Minecraft? Bueno, esta es una idea de cómo sería en Minecraft. Entonces?... ¿A qué esperas para descargar el addon para Minecraft bedrock? 


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new way of using copper 

a new block and item have been added



  • fireflies_v_2.mcaddon (164.81 KB)

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This comment has been removed
I wish it was 2 pixels like the one shown at
No, the 2 pixel one was stupid. I like this one a lot better. This one matches bees.
Does it glow?
What does it drop?
Does it need any experimental features?
What version is this addon for?
5 stars, bc its cute ^-^
I've thought about doing all that but patience is important, I also want to clarify that I'm new to creating addons, and thanks for the comments :)

If it is still born you need to activate the experimental options