Published on May 03, 2019 (Updated on November 08, 2019)

Fishy Add-on

This Bedrock Add-On adds a variety of new fish to the game. These fish can be caught by the player using a fishing rod. Players are able to cook these fish with blocks like the smoker.

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.mcaddon is easier it just auto installs it once you click on it
It seems that both links for this mod are down.. could they be brought back up, please?
Both Links are down:(
I love this Addon and the simple stuff it adds but I can’t fish them. Every time I should probably catch one of them it gives me nothing. So please fix this so I can experience it!
Can u add mobs of the fish cause it would make it feel less lonley with only 4 kinds of fish
Thank you for such a wonderful mod. I completely immerse myself in the fishing process and really get high. But the types of fish in minecraft are very few and would like variety. This mod helped me and fishing in minecraft moved to a new level for me. The mod is made very high quality. And of course, I had a question whether the mod will develop and add new species of fish? By the way, how do you like the idea in the future of adding a function to add fish weight (if this is of course possible in minecraft pe). For example, the first time I caught a fish weighing 2.34 kilograms and the next 4.86 kilograms. And you can increase the chance of catching big fish with the help of various bait. You can also add a chance to catch a variety of garbage
Add more fish plz
Can make items mobs two
Great mod, but don’t forget to credit ReLogic for some of those Terraria fish sprites
Some of the fish textures were inspired by terraria, but they are NOT taken from the terraria game. They are original textures.
Those fish look very similar to the ones from terraria.
Please fix the link
The download link has been fixed. It now uses my own website instead of tmearn or some other sketchy site.
Can you add them as mobs pls
This add-on is great. Textures and everything.
But there's one big issue that im having. I try to eat the cooked fish, but i keep eating it and it doesn't give me anything. I forever keep eating it. I'm not sure if i have to have experimental mode on or not.
This addon is good but why is the fish not refilling my hunger bar.