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There are 2 parts to this map because there are too many addons, and if it was one world, it would be crashing a lot, especially for low-end devices.

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Can I distribute your map?
Fred the gamer (idk mcpedl wanted something unique) May 12, 2023 at 6:48 pm
Would likes to say two things 1 short the other one long,
First thingis that if you wondered why dany fox didnt awnser you, to my knowlege he quit youtube and other social medias for future stuff or something like that
Secound thing, while i like this map me and my friend have to agree its a hot mess with several issue we hope you can try fixing in your future maps
1- the forgotten memories addon got messed up so all the block are update block
2 the fnaf 3 chase scenes are very badly planned out as they barely run
3-the pickaxe was useless until fnaf 4 or 5
4 if we misplaced a lever there was no way to break it so we had to cheat in a new one
5 the boss fights were kinda of a let down since you just use the bow to shoot them insted of using gear and weapon to actually kill them
6Baby blocked the door so we had kill her just to enter the room (it was fine since we had to kill her anyways but still
Those are all my problems with this map i hope these help you in know what not to do and what to do for you next mao, also sorry if this came out as rude thanks for reading
I am very grateful for your response. 1st response-I will try to fix the pack. 2nd response-I will fix them to make the tension more higher. 3rd response-the pickaxe wasn’t added until later in development, but that isn’t an excuse, I will do my best to fix this. 4th response-I do not know how to fix this, but I will try. 5th response-the boss fights were kinda hard to plan, but I will do my best to fix them. 6th response-like the 5th response, they were hard to plan but I will do my best to fix it also. Thank you for your feedback, i will get started on this right away!
Fred the gamer (idk mcpedl wanted something unique) June 14, 2023 at 7:01 pm
Thanks for replying and fixing all of this while i havent played the uodate yet i will soon and also wanted to offer my help, while i may not be a good minecract builder i would like to offer my help as a map tester, while i think you have one alredy it would be really fun to test put your other proyects you have planned and give any helpful advide if need, its ok if not and i bid you a goodbye for now friend.
That would be great. The only map testers I have are my cousins, and they are super busy. Do you have any socials like; Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, socials like those?
Fred the gamer (idk mcpedl wanted something unique) June 24, 2023 at 8:14 am
Again sorryin late, i alway forget to check, but yeah have youtube and discord, discord is probs the best so ill send my username, i also should note i wont be free all the time cause of school but i will be free alot in like 2 weeks i think cause thats when vacations start, dont worry though even during school ilk try to help
Since my discord doesn't ise tags my discord username is fred6477 send me a friend request or a dm if you see this, since ill probs be late to the next time you send a message here
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its a virus
You can use an extension called Fast Forward and you can skip those annoying steps. I use it and it works, I’m not lying. You want me to put a link to it?