Published on June 15, 2019 (Updated on June 15, 2020)

Five Nights At Maxie's 3 (Horror)

After your work as a night guard at Pizzeria & Warehouse finished you are not your self you start seeing nightmares about her hunting you and you trying to survive but will you?

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•Fixed the download button for not working, now it should be fine now


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The download link will be fixed soon, just be patient
Thank you for creating the FNAM series ChrisMP. I LOVE THEM!!!
I also agree with you!
Sorry, this was to someone else!
its not downloading
Help please night 2 when gonzi kills me his jumpscare models stays in the office the press the button to reset map but it dosent do anything and in night 3 when it reaches 6am it dosent teleport me back so I have to stay in the locker and wait until I die and then night 4 dosent work it blocks me froms going to night 4 please fix these bugs I really want to play night 4 and night 5 Chris you make the best horror maps ever but the bugs thing some of it
cant download
Amazing and very scary game ! I just have a question about Bonzie (golden animatronic) behavior: Does it kill you because you stay too long in the locker or it’s just bug ? Please I really want to know how it works ! I hope Maxie will be back !
I can tell you that "Bonzi" which appears if you still in the locker to long it's not that animatronic its different...
why is it still a demo even though you already released fnam 4???????
Maybe you got the old version I have already released the full version of FNAM 3
How do you make something like this? It’s amazing!
this is really awesome and amazing. i just suck at it and die a 1 am