Published on October 09, 2019 (Updated on October 17, 2020)

Five Nights At Maxie's (Halloween) (Horror)

It's Halloween and Maxie The Cat returns but as a witch to entertain everyone, come and  try the halloween challenge of Maxie's Pizzeria & Warehouse! What kind of tricks you'll face through your Night shifts? 

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Updated the halloween version to be the same like the normal version!


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COOL MAP!!!! I really like the custom animations keep up the great work!!!
Hi ChrisMP, nice second account
Tbh these fnam maps are dumb. You should try making something not fnaf related.
Over all the map is fine and good but replaying it for the third time so far it becomes boring there is not really any challenge to this game and the new mask improved just doesn’t really make a lot of difference night feel too long animatronic stay to long in your office (and don’t even attack you) the cameras are useless in this game if i can give any tip to you creator is make the camera usefull like adding a music box to make it difficult and stressful and make it so that animatronic don’t stay to long in your office
You are jealous, I want to see you make a better map than this...