Published on July 10, 2020 (Updated on July 10, 2020)

Five Nights at Mob's

You just got hired for a new job as a security guard! You think it's going to be easy as who would rob a pizza place? As you stay you realize that you are not alone and something inside is coming after you.

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Made the images brighter so you can see them this time instead of having to turn your own brightness up.


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Why the texture pack is missing?
Which are the secret on the night 5
Simillar like a FNAF.
Make the husk like golden freddy
The dragon robot is in this as well in night 5
When five nights at mob's 2 they be broken and there new ones at the stage
LOL c'mon, these mobs are vanilla mobs so there's no broken ones
Just saying maybe in the future I will make a number 2 to this game.