Published on November 11, 2019 (Updated on November 22, 2019)


FNAM:Overnight is a free roam type, you have to stay from 12am to 6am and keep an eye on everything because even the animatronics will chase you at nights!

Also this is a prequel game of Five Nights At Maxie's

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•Changed the spawn position for some nights so you can't die from the animatronic.

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Are those animatronics runned by command blocks?
Haven't try yet think good???✔✔✔????????????
Very cool game but when I beat Night 5 I didn’t get any ending and also in Night 3 or 4, the rabbit can insta kill when you just start the night. Can you fix them please ?
Man, my animatronics don't move.
And also it is very dark
I do not know how to upload it in to my Minecraft.
But i like the idea of fnam.