Published on April 27, 2022

Formula 1 - 60's Era (v1.0)

Let's go back to the more simpler, good old days of the prestigious Formula 1 championship - and no, not the 90's and not the 80's, but even further back. The 60's -  a time where F1s were overwhelmingly powerful and fast machines despite their very small bodies and chassis. Simplistic, powerful and elegant, these are the words many F1 fans would think and say when talking about F1s from the 60's, and they're definitely not wrong. Formula 1 in the 60's was also a time when Formula 1 constructors were brainstorming all sorts of engineering theories to develop the best aerodynamic body style all for the sake of proving themselves to truly be the best among the best. The result of this would be the emergence of bizarre yet eye-catching F1 designs.

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Can u put them also in Addons app
Nice add-on! But can you please add traffic lights that work ? like automatically change from red into green after 30 seconds.

I hope to hear your reply soon.

Thank you.
Can you do volkswagen golf mk2
Podrias crear el Corvette C8 por favor el descapotable y el coupe o solo el coupe por favor
Can you also make an Aston Martin db4, the James Bond car :)
He did it as an older mod, lol.
You have to make the early 2000 f1 cars it would me amaiznggggg