Published on October 12, 2020 (Updated on October 12, 2020)

Fossile Research Post

This map is inspired by a real rare structure in Minecraft. It's easy to build, but it's hard to find. Yes, you're right, "Fossile". And I built a small village near the fossile to make it less boring.

Hello again everybody, oh I forgot to introduce myself, my name is RISALZI (it's just a username), and I am an Indonesian person. So sorry if I wear a wrong grammar. Now I will try to introduce my map.

This map includes:

- Real fossile structure

-Small research office

-Small outpost-llama station (just a joke but still added)-small village-the "WATCH" (ITS on village)And some more little buliding,+2 npc

This is my first map so I hope you enjoyed XD

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tell me if you find a bug,or the map glitched or something get wrong XD.


Your MINECRAFT version must up or in 1.16 BETA,or the NPC texture Will broken


  • pP5+X5TNCAA=.mcworld

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Help me guys,any map i posted is still in pending (unless fossile Research Headquarter and this one) what i should do? Are the map is outdated or ITS just a normal condition?
this cool can do more research posts
Thank you for downloading the map XD
It downloaded successfully, but where is the village supposed to be located at?! I don’t know!
ITS very near from map,very very near, ITS behind the map