Published on June 03, 2020 (Updated on August 12, 2020)

Fun House [Re-Usable]

Fun House By DCU Studios in this map you can either play by your self OR with Friends one of your friends can become The Clown or you can have some spawn

To escape the Fun House you must find 6 Buttons and then find The Exit to escape Meanwhile The Clown will be chasing You. Don't die or The Clown will have you for lunch!

This map has no player limit recording is allowed Just put a link To both Our Channel And Our Website in the Description Of Your Video

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New Creepy Thumbnail 

Enjoy Fun House :)

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  • Fun House v1.0.7.mcworld
  • Download The Texture Pack

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Why do we lose if only one person dies and not all of the players?
Because That Is The Way We Wanted It To Be
this is amazing!! i played with my gf ans we both git scared!!
at the beginning of the game, please make it a little brighter because I can't read and see it more clearly
Ok Will Do Thank You For The Feedback
The Clown Geometry Is Broken As We Did Not Edit Any Geometry Due To Lack Of Knowledge We Only Retextured The Mobs With Player Skins So They Do Not Have The Proper Geometry We Will Try To Learn How To Fix This And Maybe Roll Out An Update Later On
The clown have a gemoetry bugged. You can rebut this?
Unfortunatly No This Is Our First Texture Pack And We Dont Know How To Do That But Hope To Learn Later On In The Future this is creator but can login
Why Cant You Play It This Is The Map Creator Will Fix Issues If You Comment Back
I could download it and play it. The music is nice and scary. When I first saw the clown i was like heck this heck this heck this.
this is broken it wont let me play what a waist of time
i hate it thanks
Hate It In A Good Way Or A Bad Way?
tell the creator the problem otherwise they won't know how to make it better