Published on October 31, 2018 (Updated on March 21, 2020)

Funtopia Park (Theme Park) [Roller Coaster] [Creation]

Funtopia Park is a huge theme park divided into 9 different areas! It is built by only two persons. It features a wide range of attractions such as plenty of fun roller coasters and water slides. There are really endless of possibilities for what you can do in Funtopia.

Creator: Zen0ie


With 9 themed-regions this is the biggest amusement park ever made:
  1. Colour Space: The centre of the park!
  2. Ski Land: For the best snow adventures!
  3. Klugheim: A beautiful medieval city with a double-launched coaster!
  4. Mystery Town: Discover the castle and be sure to pass away the curse!
  5. Wild West: The biggest western part of the park, enjoy this huge water-ride!
  6. Splash: Have you ever seen so many water slides?
  7. Heaven: This is the place to be for the coolest rides!
  8. Hell: The highest coaster with a launch! What else do you want!
  9. Funtopia Camping: Enjoy your stay in the mobile hom or in the cruise ship!


Creator's Notes

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Visit my YouTube channel for extra and special stuff and be sure to download my other maps!

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Funtopia Park is has 9 different themed-regions, in which you can explore fun rollercoasters, waterslides and puzzle games!

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4.67 / 5 (24 votes)
i give you 10 out of ten this is a great park, I added villagers to it to make it look like people this is so cool! :D
I made this acount to tell u how bad it was. JK LOL. It`s amazing. How long did it take u to build this? Just curiuos.
I made an account just to say how awful this was! Haha, just kidding! Literally one of the best maps I've ever played! So many things to do! And each and everyone of them were super fun! Seriously so fun! Took me two days to explore everything! Really felt like I was there! 15/10 definitely would play again!
Absolutely the best map I’ve ever downloaded, it really brings me back to when I went to theme parks. Great map!!!,
Where did the TOY go?
Funtopia Park/World is currently in development. We're updating the map to a higher level of profesionality, resulting in temporarily removing some areas of the map.
What happened to the city?
Funtopia Park/World is currently in development. We're updating the map to a higher level of profesionality, resulting in temporarily removing some areas of the map.
Where i can find the keys?
can someone help me?i tryed evry thing but cant load using minecraft 1.15.2,
Guest-9808309566 May 01, 2020 at 7:19 pm
you fat idot this is only for minecraft bedrock edition
He`s just asking.
U need a snickers
I downloaded the pack for my windows 10 pc ,my minecraft says its downloadet bud i dont find the pack when i want to make an world please help me
This map is not a template. When downloaded you will find it in between all your worlds
Love it. How can i see when the city is Added to the map? Do you make a New version Of the map then??
Love the Map for Android! I'll tweak "Hell" with the 1.16 update biomes! Heaven will have Angel Vex statues guarding entrance. Only for my personal use though.
Best minecraft park ever
Zip file doesn't work
It does, you're doing something wrong. Use this guide tot fix it:
If you're on an IOS device or on Windows 10, use the .mcworld file and for Andriod .zip
There is sooooooooo much detail I love it soooo much can't wait for the city update
Awesome map. Keep up the good work