City of GMC V4.0 [SAND FIXED]

Welcome to the City of GMC!

 We have fixed the falling sand issue related to the Caves and Cliffs world format. (Thank you Robo)

Originally created in 2015, this world was a place for the creator to hang out with friends. Within 3 years, the world was released to the public, later to be a community-powered passion project. With each update release came more diverse content from a range of our talented builders. These updates attracted new players, which influenced new build styles and regions for the final map. On December 25th, 2020, we released V4.0—our very final update. Featuring over six months of work and thousands of hours of effort, it is our largest update ever. Lose yourself exploring our new Federal District, reach new heights in One Meridian Plaza, or find every Horizon Industries super car—the choice is yours! Changelog and download provided at the bottom of the page.

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What’s New in City of GMC Version 4.0 [2022 Update]?

As of February 2022:

  • Resolved falling ocean sand issue (Thank you Robo)
  • Updated banner and promotional images

As of December 2021:

  • Removed Legacy V2.8 Download Portal
  • New YouTube promotional
  • Updated banner and promotional images
  • Updated to Caves and Cliffs format
  • Updated world name

As of December 2020:

  • GMC Island transformation!
  • Brand New Federal District!
  • First new district in three years!
  • Builds Include:
    • GMC National Library
    • GMC Supreme Court
    • Museum
    • Vinh City Embassy
    • The Club at Moorelands
    • Five Towers (Listed Below)
  • New Meridian Plaza Mall & Tower!
  • Four New Original Manors!
    • Balfour Palace
    • Whiskey Manor
    • Chateau De Le Aviatiôn
    • Atlas Hall
  • Two New Peninsula Mansions!
    • Verneer Manor
    • Villa Solaris
  • Presidential Manor Lobby Overhaul!
  • President’s Square Overhaul!
  • Square District Overhaul!
  • Extension District Overhaul!
  • SkyVillage District Overhaul!
  • Downtown District Overhaul!
  • Thirteen New Original Skyscrapers!
    • Meridian Plaza
      • 1 Meridian Plaza
      • 2 Meridian Plaza
      • 3 Meridian Plaza
    • Marquis
    • Imperial Tower
    • Antares Plaza
    • Millennium Center
    • MEGA Tower
    • Oceanview Apartments
    • Kota Condominiums
    • 432 Park Avenue
    • Epiphany
    • Point Oracle
  • Two New Ships!
    • RMS Orient
    • Lady GMC
  • Three New City Plazas!
    • Taurus Plaza
    • Remembrance Plaza
    • Horizon Plaza
  • Three New Pavilions!
    • Suburb Pavilion
    • Villa Solaris Pavilion
    • SolWorks Pavilion
  • New Military Base—Firebase Rubicon!
  • New Ontario National Forest!
  • New MEGA Blvd. Town Center!
  • New Bricklot Island and Expansion!
  • Citywide Landscaping Makeover!
  • New Large-Scale Island Map Wall!
  • New Guam-Inspired Dededo Village!
  • Three New Office Buildings!
    • Valley
    • Rebonker Building
    • Slate
  • New Lancelot Cliffs on West Coast!
  • New Scenic Wraparound Road!
  • Rearranged Community Suburbs!
  • Rearranged Several Historic Builds!
  • Street Naming Completion!
  • Revamped and expanded Grayson Street!
  • Revamped Mall Parking Lot!
  • Revamped Cali Apartments!
  • Revamped Pupher Drive!
  • New Private Hunting Estate!
  • New Bankfront Redesign!
  • Win. Park Expansions!
  • New Beachfront resort!
  • Baudelaire Restaurant & Plaza!
  • Completed Mall Map Room!
  • Completed Countryside Road!
  • Three New Scenic Ocean Lookouts!
  • Metro Track Changes!
  • Added New Easter Eggs!
  • Brand New Lodestone Destinations Box!
  • 20 History Booklets for Historic/Iconic Builds!
  • Find your way to Little GMC!
  • Major Aesthetic Changes!
    & More for you to Explore!

Other Notable Changes as of December 2020:

  • File Size Reduced by 10%
  • Removed Ring Highway!
  • Removed Racetrack!
  • Removed Statues!
  • Removed Quartz Roads!
  • Removed Fort Roosevelt!
  • Removed Outdated Zoo!
  • Removed Mania Stage!
  • Removed Furnace Building!
  • Removed Cake Building!
  • Removed Construction Zone!

Thank you for reading the whole thing ❤️


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DayOfRootribootrioon May 21, 2020 at 9:55 am
Ooh eeh ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang
Bro the map is so good. You need to earn money for making the map bro
Who know the coordinate of the railway
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The map is so good
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Can you please upload this to MCPE Addons I see you have done it before so I hope it won’t be an issue but the link does not work on here.
I've checked this and boy it is quite massive breathtaking, bravo!
I would love a version with the twin towers
Fun Fact: if you do /particle minecraft:mobflame_emitter ~ ~2 ~ and shoot arrows at the fire, you get some pufferfish sounds.
So, we will still be getting updates for this map?
Hey mr megamixer406 why after i click the file then after minecraft open always say "world import failed'
Hey, Borizzz!
Be sure to check your device's remaining storage as well as the game version you are currently running on. Hope this helps.
Or anybody else know whats wrong??
Got copyrighted and taken down for some reason
nvm it did that for no reason the first
Can I use your map for my map?
I'm making a Venom map from 2018.
This is actually one of the greatest proyects there is about a huge minecraft city, I actually like so much this map, all of the buildes that placed every block made this proyect so cool, and it even makes you feel that there is actually people in the world living in the city with all of the corporations, buildings and homes there is, it aslo makes this come to life when exploring the world you can see not only the history of the city but also of the relations of each builder.

A great proyect in my opinion.
Did somebody say beans ?