Published on December 19, 2018 (Updated on June 20, 2021)

Night Terrors Addon [Major Update: Inferno Phrase 1!]

Greetings! Welcome to the Night Terrors Addon! In this addon you will experience the real nightmares with new implements monsters and having new items on your hand! Are you ready for it? Let's go!


I.Creator: Keyyard & Zarkmen_Zand

[Youtube][Discord Server]

Creator Notes!
 * This Add-On now requires to be on version v1.16.220 and above.
 * Make sure you have enabled 'Holiday Creator Features' experiments toggle when applying your world with this Add-On to test out the new items.

II. Entities (every entities has their own sounds!)

1. Ghost

  • opens doors
  • hurts when wet
  • teleports
  • cool down attacks
  • fading effect
  • floats in the air
  • can pick up items and equip them

2. Spirits

  • 2 variants: Flushed Fish & Zombie Spirit
  • harmless
  • appears & disappears randomly
  • high running speed, mostly to annoys

3. Ghouls

  • Climbs wall
  • Breaks doors/trapdoors! (except Iron, Crimson & Warp type)
  • Wither effects on basic attacks!


4. Reapers

  • opens doors
  • hurts when wet
  • lides
  • cool down attacks dealing massive damage
  • fading effect



Interacts tombstone with cursed spell papers to summon Royal Ghost!

Horror Music plays

5. Royal Ghost

Can be summoned by hold/right click the cursed paper to tombstone.

  • Royal Ghosts prevents multiple Royal Ghosts from being summoned in the same area.
  • Royal Ghosts leaps at their targets.
  • Royal Ghosts shoot Ghost Ball entity projectile.
  • Royal Ghosts has 175 health points.
  • Royal Ghosts produce knockback effective.
  • Royal Ghost wave system:
  • 1   Summons a bunch of Ghosts, Ghouls, or Reapers with a lifespan of 30 seconds for both Ghosts and Ghouls, 80 seconds for Reapers.
  • 2   Ghosts, Reapers, and Ghouls has a unique scale animation when summoned by the Royal Ghost.
  • 3   Ghosts, Reapers, and Ghouls summoned from the Royal Ghost behaves differently from their normal counterparts.
  • 4   Ghosts deal one attack damage when summoned by the Royal Ghost, and moves faster.
  • 5    Ghosts, Reapers, and Ghouls summoned by the Royal Ghost targets what their owner is targeting.

    This is a video about a full netherite set vs the boss.


III. Items [NEW]

1. Inferno Ingots

  • Can be obtained by killing the Royal Ghost, Furnacing the Netherite Ingots or craft a netherite bar with blaze powder.
  • Use for crafting Inferno Weapons

2. Inferno Trident

  • Throwable
  • Inflicts 1.25 times more damage than regular tridents, and it has infinite durability (for now).
  • Melee attacks perform 11 damage to the victim, as well as slowness effect are given.
  • Ranged attacks deal 10 damage, and entities will catch fire when damaged.
  • Causing burning effect
  • Can only be picked up by Owner!

3. Dark Blade

  • A hazardous weapon that deals vastly high amount of damage, which is 13, and stuns entity for a few seconds.
  • It can be enchanted with swords enchantments.


4. Cursed Spell Paper

  • It will be used to summon the Royal Ghost with the Tombstone entity.

More stuffs coming soon!

III. BUG SOLUTION (for invisible mobs/entities) (in case it happens, fixed)

Created by Keyyard  [Youtube][Discord Server] & Zarkmen_Zand 

Select version for changelog:


Fixed the known issue, which is fail to load the resources pack on some platform. You can now apply it to your world and it will works perfectly! you can still try applying to global resources in some cases.
* Updated Add-On title and icon.
- Solving lags that would occur during the Royal Ghost wave.
Keyyard & Zarkmend Zand: Creator

chuy1407#8726: First one to found the bug.

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Greetings, everyone! Join my Discord Server: and participate in the fun!
We can talk, chat, share stories about everything, not just minecraft there! And you can put all your fabulous ideas there, i will reach to you as soon as possible!
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