Published on April 06, 2019 (Updated on April 18, 2019)

Giraffes Add-on

This add-on adds a really cool animal to your game. The giraffes! The giraffes make the savanna biome more realistic! You can feed them, reproduce them, and create them in your zoo.

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  • Now you can ride on the giraffes, without needing a saddle, or of feed it. Can can control too! There is also an inventory in giraffe for you to carry items.



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The model and texture is stolen from ZAWA, the download link doesnt work, trash addon I had to find a new website that had the same addon and I don’t care if the other website stole the addon from you cuz u won’t give a proper link, so for who ever wants to download it here is a mediafire link . Copy the link and paste it to open the mediafire page
Why when I click the link, it sends me to an inappropriate website???
Yeah same to me, he is a b**** HE MUST PUT IT ON MEDIAFIRE, I TRYED THOSE LINKS LIKE 30 TIMES...and at the end i finally get passed but... THE LINK WAS FOR MAKING ADS ALL THE TIMEEEE!!!!!
Wow, you stole the skin AND the model from ZAWA
Guest-5067223471 May 17, 2020 at 8:07 pm
You're right, he/she must put it...on we can download the addon easily without opening some stupid sites
I can't download this addon because I can't open the site. please have it on media fire but it looks really cool just I cant download it.
I souls do the da da mod...I rally lime it
Make a Lion addon it zawa resource
How they ride?
Harrythemagician13 May 04, 2019 at 10:12 am
i would to love see cryptids addon!
Yeah don’t force us to download vpn,even the president agrees with me
Can you please not force us to download vpn app?I need to build the wall!
Yo it's nice addon!Plz could infinite minds create an addon for zoo mobs (lions , hippos , zebras , etc)
I would be very gratefull.
Never mind it's a custom mob but it doesnt have any custom anamations.
I feel like you should make it experimental so it doesn't replace anything and then you can truly add custom animations and not just the anamations of what it replaces also it doesn't have custom animations because it's not experimental. It has custom textures but not anamations. In fact it doesn't even have anamations all it has is the dumb walk cycle of a vanilla mob