Published on May 09, 2020 (Updated on August 06, 2022)

Player Graves Addon

Tired of losing your items when you die this addon is right for you! 

This add-on adds 3 gravestones that spawns and picks up your items when you die.

They have their own inventory you can unlock and access it and retrieve all your items and pretend nothing happened.

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Version 2.1:

  • Removes the use of player.json
  • Added Gametest



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Puede hacer que muestre las coordenadas de muerte porfavor
The warden gets fixated on player graves and won't stop attacking them.
I love this mod but it stopped working for me for some reason? I played with this on a world and it was going great until I made another world and it stopped working, I play a lot of other mods, so I made a world with only this mod to test it and it worked just fine. What do you think would be making this mod clash with the others? How do I fix this?
nice! it works with 1.19
Mind trying it on Realms if it's not too much trouble?
Could this get an update after 1.19 comes out? Technically it still works even in 1.18.31, but annoyingly causes all animations to freeze like fire and portals.
Great addon!
Suggestion: make it so Graves don't spawn if inventory is empty
It works! Does the grave stay longer than five minutes? If it doesn't it kind of sours it for me. And is it supposed to be taking constant damage?
Is there a version without keys?
Thanks for adding no keys 💖
I only asked because me and my friend had the problem of dying 20 times before opening any graves, so there would be lots of graves, but we only had 1 key each 😅
Anyways compared to all the other grave player grave mods, yours is honestly the best. 👌
increible addon! una sugerencia que te doy esque cuando mueras te de las coordenadas de tu muerte asi nunca perderas tu tumba =)
I've put it in the correct file but the game doesn't detect it. When I check on the resource pack, the game detect it but it's unknown error. Any help?
podria sugerirte?

me gustaria que crearas el item llave con el item llave que te den al morir pues le pones al nloque de tumba que se indestructible ya con la llave pues le pones al bloque minecraft:interaction
que al tocarlo con la llave pues haga un evento de commando_run y pues pongas setblock air y otro para kill para la entidad de la tumba que absorve las cosas.

porque porque de la forma que esta ahorita otro jugador puede romper tu tumba y pues llevarse tus cosas con lo de la llave solo el que posea una puede romper la tumba y asi ser un poco mas seguido

tambien en player.json podrias añadir un teleport por ejemplo un molang de sneak and hand "llave"
asi cuando alguien tienen la misma llave que sirve para abrir si se agacha con la llave en la mano ejecuta el commando de teleport @p @e [type=tumba] para que te teletransportes a la tumba

espero que lo tomes encuenta gran addon perdon si no se explicarme.
Does this still work? Windows 10,,, 1.16.201
Sorry for the question if it sounds stupid.
I run a server on Win 10, and I play on PC. Thing is, I run the server to play with my gf, who plays on android. Which one should I install on the server?
Will the non-script work on pc?
I recommend the mobile version which works for all platforms.