Published on March 07, 2020 (Updated on April 04, 2020)

Gun Valley (LINK FIXED)

Hello everyone! Here I am bringing you my newly made map. This map is PVP map. It has 3 modes that you can enjoy; Battle Royale, Hitman vs Bodyguard and Counter Strike. 

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  • Fixed download link
  • Fixed mcworld and zip 
  • Final version - no more bugs. 


Supported Minecraft versions

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If you had Discord we can discuss further on how to improve this map!
Can you link the mediafire link to the texture pack?
Direct link pls pretty pls
works 10/10
Where the secret place with magma blocks pls reply
Would it harm you to stop advertising on my posts without permission?
MCPEDL isn’t logging me on but stop advertising on my posts!
I really commend your bomb mechanics! It is really like counter-strike! I have never seen that before in mcpe. I think you should make a counter-strike replica with bomb defusal and hostage rescue map since you are the only one who successfully made that possible. Kudos! ?
What texture pack r u using?
The creator has archive it the wrong way. To import successfully, extract the zip file, and compress all the files from 'behavior_packs' all down to 'world_resource_packs.json' and then change the file's extension to 'mcworld'. Thats what I did
Thank you. I already updated it now. ?
It's not importing but I have the right version which is 1.14.30
this one
It's not importing but I have the right version which is 1.14.30
i have 1.14.50 and it works idk whats wrong with urs
Can you do a zip?
Or just rename it to .zip then extract
ME too man!!! IDK what the problem is.
I think you should edit your post. The command has no /, which it should have. Players might mistakenly just type it and then ofcourse nothing will happen. Btw, Excellent map! ??
Wow! I didn't notice that! Haha thanks!
Thank you. I'll fix that on the next update. ??
And the v1.0 link is have a problem is doesn't send me to download link is send me to register or something (idk lol)
Are you downloading using your phone? Try to use mozilla browser.
Uhhh why i cant import the level? It say level import failed? Help plz
I forgot to mention that I made the map on v1.14.30. So any version below that won't work.
I can’t move the files to the app documents I tried long pressed it and tap it it wouldn’t open at all and it’s the only file that’s like this I’m on iOS 13 btw
I'm sorry I don't have an IOS device. Somebody can you help this guy? Thanks.
Being an iOS gamer is hard...can’t do things that androids can :’(
1 try this solution.