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Published on October 25, 2019 (Updated on December 15, 2019)


TEAM H is back with another texture pack, which brings your favorite mob to your in-game shields! - There are lots of mobs included in the pack (with your choice). Enjoy it!

Do you remember the “H SHIELDS : BLOCKS” ? TEAM H is here again with another Pack which contains lots of Mob textures for your in-game Shields ! 

        How it looks in game \/

                   -AVAILABLE MOBS-

Creeper   •w Border

Zombie   •w Border

Skeleton  •w Border

Pig           •w Border

Turtle     •w  Border

Villager  •w Border

Chicken  •w Border

Sheep    •w Border

•Llama     •w Border




•Wandering Trader  •w Border

•Drowned    • w Border

•illager         • w Border

•Fox               • w Border

•Snow Fox   • w Border

•Phantom    • w Border

•Iron Golem • w Border

•Snow Golem • w Border

•Zombie Villager • w Border


how shields look like with borders and without \/


1.first tap on the Pack , and then tap on the wrench button

2.Now you can easily switch between textures !

we will keep updating the Pack , new mobs will come soon , but you can comment your favorite mob to be added sooner ! Also , pls let us know if you have found any bugs , just by commenting it here.


there is a “ -REVERSED- “ version for people who have the problem of shields appearing upside down , its a known 1.13 bug , so if the Original one is broken for you , try the “-REVERSED-“ Version.

                           - CREDITS -

  SENIOR H  Twitter                                                    ALIREZA Instagram


                             - MORE -

Previous Versions \/

Download v 1.0.1

Download v 2.0.0

Download v 3.0.1

Download v 4.0.0

Other Versions \/

Reversed v 3.0.1

Status \/

v : 5.0.0      

build : 8

Select version for changelog:



-Added : Zombie Villager (BORDER) , Snow Golem (BORDER) and Wither !



   - No Ads are included in the Download link -

  • download the Pack
  • after importing , active it on a world or on Global packs

    - Importing Tutorial for iOS13 users -

      ( without Jailbreak ) ( legal )

  • After downloading the pack , try to find “Minecraft” Folder in “Files” app ( its in the “on my iPhone/iPad” section )
  • try to move the “H SHIELDS” pack into the “recourse packs” folder
  • Done ! if you cant see it , pls relaunch your Minecraft

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Me gusta es muy chida
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Podrías agregar el Ender dragon por favor
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You should add some of the new nether mobs, and you should fix a bug that doesn't let me import this.
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Plz add ravager
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that Buts dude
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Put them into the behavior packs folder
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it does not work help
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have not even downloaded this add on yet but it looks cool so 5 stars
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can you update the texture pack plz.
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add squid please
What's the name of the original creator of Minecraft? Notch or Herobrine? the flying milk-able squid king herosquide
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Does it work in realm
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