Published on July 29, 2021

Hananacraft BE

Hananacraft BE is a furniture Add-On for Minecraft Bedrock. This pack contains many decorative items into your Minecraft worlds, like ; drawers, clothesline, Radios, Old tvs, antique items, and many more.

HanatheBanana's Hananacraft CIT for Java is officially been Ported to Minecraft Bedrock!

※ Hananacraft BE is the official ported version of HanatheBanana's Hananacraft CIT for Java.
Hananacraft BE uses a Data-Driven Block Method or also known as a CIM (Custom Item Model).

※ These blocks cannot be interacted with and are for aesthetic use only. 
You cannot obtain this blocks in survival without using commands.

Hananacraft BE’s textures has been recolored and recreated to match the popular resource pack Mizuno Craft.
also uses Kao's Vanilla Archive texture.

※ There is a Catalog site for all of the list of items.
- Hananacraft BE catalogue'

To obtain the blocks/items use a Command called 
"/function" in the chat bar. 

Hananacraft BE only works on Windows 10, Android, & Apple Devices 
Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition 1.16.200+ and above. It doesn't work on consoles!

※ The following Experimental Options also needs to be turned on in order for the pack to work.

- Holiday Creator Features
- Additional Modding Capabilities
- Cheats

HanatheBanana originally created the Models, who have given me permission to port the pack into Bedrock!

Do not download Hananacraft from any other website, as we cannot guarantee the safety of the link!

Creator - HanatheBanana:

Hananacraft CIT:

Bedrock Porter - ikuyuk:

ikuyuk's Discord server:


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

EVERYONE YOU NEED A ADDON! It's not the addons fault minecraft did something in 1.18.11 which I cannot explain as I don't know myself but you can find a video called 「Minecraft BE」CIM Geometry bug fix ~ minecraft bedrock 1.18.10+
Search that on YouTube and you should find it, it's made by ikuyuk
Forgot to rate it's super cute btw!
is anyone else having issues with this addon after the 1.18.11 update? Since then all blocks with this application are simple ugly green update blocks.
You need a addon that allows bigger stuff! I can give you the name of the video, 「Minecraft BE」CIM Geometry bug fix ~ minecraft bedrock 1.18.10+
Search that on YouTube and you should find it, it's made by ikuyuk
Now this is don't work in 1.18.10
this mod has been great up until i tried to load my world with the items from hanana craft inside today. the furnituee had instead become black blocks with patterns plastered over them. i think this is some sort of glitch? the file on the site may be corrupted. could someone fix this asap? thanks
Such a beautiful mod. The only reason I'm rating this 3 stars is that there's a problem whenever I try to use it. I used the commands and it came out as a hideous block that had the image of the item plastered all over it. I was heartbroken, I really wish it had worked. And come to think of it, it still doesn't! It's very disappointing. I'm also using Minecraft Education Edition. How do I fix this?
i initially had the same problem. what worked for me is enabling cheats, holiday creator features and additional modding capabilities on settings. i have the same problem now, but i think the file may be corrupted and is not working at the moment
hey, does this work for minecraft education edition?
Unfortunately, I don't think it does.
AAAAAAAAA TY TY TYYYYY TYSMMMMMMMM i've been envy seeing ppl who can use ur addon but now i finally get to use it T^T i love it sm and i love you for creating this opportunity for me to play !!!! keep goingggggg i'll root for u !!! ♡♡♡♡♡
This is an absolute master peace!! ✨
This have the right to fit my aesthetic uVu
I love it!!
It won’t work for some reason but it looks really good 😊
Ty now i can play hananacraft on pe now ty!
Hey i used your addon for making my own million dollar house submission . Its coming out soon! I hope you dont mind i will put in the map that the addon is not made by me ok?
It says INCOMPATIBLE when adding resourcepack, what to do?
Use ES file Explorer
Thanks So Much This Making Videos More Aesthetic
i have been waiting for hananacraft to be ported to mcpe since forever! thank you so much, i love it! (ˊ˘ˋ*)♡