Published on December 01, 2021 (Updated on November 30, 2021)

PGB's Granny's Corner BE

Granny's Corner is a furniture Add-On for Minecraft Bedrock. This pack adds several items to please you inner crafter: sewing machines, fabric rolls, doilies, knitted sweaters, a large variety of embroidery hoops and handmade blankets, and much more!

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It’s not working for me but I’m sure it’s great..
Hi! First of all, just like to note that I am a Xbox user and though I seen that you pointed out this does NOT work on consoles, I took it as a challenge and decided to give it the ole college try. I got your mod to successfully work on Xbox. The only issue stimming from what other users are having issues with being, a few items with update blocks (like on other mods with custom blocks and what not). I hope Mojang
gets that bug sorted out soon! But I just wanted you to know I had no problem with your links, installing the BP & RP and using the function commands. I can't speak for Playstation, but I can CONFIRM Xbox is TWO THUMBS WAY UP! Regardless of some update block items, 5 STAR MOD!!!
is anyone else having issues with this addon after the 1.18.11 update? Since then all blocks with this application are simple ugly green update blocks.
I'm having a few issues too with some of the items being update blocks. Hopefully enough people will complain so that Mojang
will sort out this bug that has been giving so many custom blocks a fit; And not just on this mod but, lots of other mods as well.
Can u put the garden breeze cit next? ^o^