Haunted School Horror Game

Haunted School is a map which has a school that is cursed by paranormal activities and powers and it has been abandoned since then, You Need to Save Yourself and The School From The Curse and Kill The Paranormal Cursed Entities Inside the School.

Welcome To The Haunted School Horror Map

In This Map Your Gonna Fight With Haunted and Powered Entities That Cursed The School Long Time Ago and Never Left , Unfortunately You Are Responsible to Kill The Curse and Free The School From Them

You’ll Have To

  • Escape The School and Free it From The Curse
  • Discover Secrets and Mysteries
  • Kill The Monsters That Live Inside The School
  • Check Every Room in The School
  • Be Smart and Quiet
  • Look Out For The Strong Monsters
  • Defend Yourself From The Curse

The school has been haunted with these powers long time ago , they have possessed the whole school building but they’re is one way to kick them out and that’s to kill all the living entities that the curse took over their body


They’re also many secrets surrounding the school and the other buildings in the city ( coming in the next installments, stay tuned)

The world file is available in 2 formats , you are allowed to use third-party apps to export the map inside minecraft bedrock or pocket edition


The map is also available on third-party websites that are listed below

  • Planet minecraft( planetminecraft.net)
  • Minecraft Forum ( minecraftforum.net)

This map was made by (Emmanuel Jederian Games) and thanks to the addon creators for providing me most of the graphics

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See you in the next creations


©️2021 - 2022 Emmanuel Jederian Games

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Welcome to Haunted School Horror Game This Map Has Only Been Tested On Minecraft 1.17.2 , 1.17.10 and it hasn’t been tested on the older versions of Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Editions


After you download the HauntedSchoolHorrorMap.zip go and extract it in you file manager than move the folder to games - com.mojang - minecraftWorlds then paste it inside minecraftWorlds folder.

After that Open Minecraft or Restart if it was opened , after that you will see the Haunted School World On Your ( My Worlds ) Page in Minecraft 

Now For The .mcworld file if it works on Minecraft then it’s good but if it says for example ( level import failed ) or ( not valid zip archive ) please go to feedback.minecraft.net and please give your feedback because there’s nothing wrong with the file.

Have a Great Day 



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