Helicopter Addon

The Helicopter Addon adds new helicopters to Minecraft which are available in multiple different colors. They have cool animations which are used when they're flying around high in the skies.

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I tried to use it in the nether update and it didn't work ?
Really nice addon!
Guest-3038571043 May 02, 2020 at 9:36 am
I really like this add-on but I wish that I could control the height of the ?
I can't find where to put it in
How do you go down?
Can multiple people ride in one? If not, you should add that. Otherwise, everything is wonderful.
Hey helicopter addon just say when I equiped it say they is something missing
Please help
Can some one send me the media file link
Dude why u dont click on download
This is really cool, I wish you could craft it in survival and controller the up and down movements but other than that it’s a good addon
How do u make the helicopter go down. Other than that it’s good
Where do you find helicopters? Do they replace any mobs? I Know that they use coals and coal blocks. I will be waiting for answer !
Type helicopter in search but how can you fly higher
Type: helicopter
I like it but my brother thisiscarsen that is his gamer tag I mean like it is the best
IT works! (use coal btw guys) ONLY ONE PROBLEM how do you take the helicopter down
I'll be waiting for an answer...
How can you fly? I have put coal in it but I cant fly in the sky, you need do nothing to go down I think
mr. scooter mc jello June 24, 2019 at 9:28 pm
its a levitation potion effect