Helicopter Addon

The Helicopter Addon adds new helicopters to Minecraft which are available in multiple different colors. They have cool animations which are used when they’re flying around high in the skies.

This addon adds helicopters in different colors. These helicopters are great for accessing higher terrain more quickly in Minecraft, or to move fast in the air and pass over mountains without problems.


  • Available in different colors
  • have animations

Available colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green

How does it work?

In order for the helicopter to fly, you need carbon or a carbon block so that it can fly. This has a duration of time:

  • Coal: 1:20 min
  • Coal Block: 10:00min

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an error was corrected in the description of the addon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12

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34 Responses

3.8 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Ebandos says:

    How do u make the helicopter go down. Other than that it’s good

  2. Miner steve says:

    Where do you find helicopters? Do they replace any mobs? I Know that they use coals and coal blocks. I will be waiting for answer !

  3. Gamerboy says:

    I like it but my brother thisiscarsen that is his gamer tag I mean like it is the best

  4. Jose says:

    IT works! (use coal btw guys) ONLY ONE PROBLEM how do you take the helicopter down
    I’ll be waiting for an answer…

  5. mr. scooter mc jello says:

    its a levitation potion effect

  6. mr. scooter mc jello says:

    its a levitaton potion effect.

  7. Anonymous says:

    how do you fly the helicopter?

  8. Mrfazgamer says:

    Guys it’s I type of potion I can’t find it tho!

  9. GalaxyHero234 says:

    The block of coal and the coal are the carbon. On PC you take either one and right click so the helicopter hovers, on PE, click “USE” or “TAME” or whatever is written. Make sure to be facing the helicopter on either consoles.

  10. Gamer says:

    How to get carbon to use your helicopter work?go to YouTube
    1.go to YouTube
    2.search helicopter add-on
    3.after you search helicopter add-on
    4.find channel fire gamer

  11. Random guy says:

    This is great Carbon is coal btw

  12. Unknown says:

    To fly a helicopter, use coal or coal block (NOT carbon).

  13. Anonymous says:

    apparently there is no reference to carbon or carbon blocks in the behavior packs…

  14. Anonymous says:

    For a future update put a variant where u can fight like add a turret to the helicopter and an enemy helicopter

  15. Name says:

    Where do you find the carbon

  16. GamingZombie 6 says:

    Does this addon replace existing mobs????

  17. Tyler says:

    =\ where’s the carbon?

  18. 360 says:

    Where’s the carbon? I can’t find it. Otherwise, the models are great.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the carbon? I can’t find it. Otherwise I like the models, I just can’t fly the helicopters.

  20. TheAveragePlayer says:

    Fantastic, but can you make an MQ-9 reaper addon? I’ve been searching for an addon like that for so long, and you seem capable of doing it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    А как его опустить?

  22. Lia says:

    Every time I download Stuff it tells me to register to an add with no exit button I am not using mopeds again

  23. DicisterLawyer says:

    assenger plane

  24. NoName says:

    Where do you get the carbon

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