Published on April 02, 2021 (Updated on August 09, 2022)

Hidden Elevators V2

This addon is inspired by the elevator mod from the java edition. This addon adds a single elevator to your world and items that can help camouflage or design your elevator to fit the theme of your house. 

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Version 2:

Technical Changes:

  • Reduced lagged from switching elevator texture.
  • Elevator no longer break when breaking an elevator next to it.
  • Fixed error when content log is open.


  • Added Bricks (Bricks,Endstone,Mud,deepslate,prismarine,stone)
  • Added Glass
  • Added Mud
  • Added Dirts (Coarse,Dirt,Farmland,Grass,Mycelium,Podzol)
  • Added Logs (Acacia,Birch,Dark Oak, Jungle, Mangrove, Oak, Spruce)
  • Added More Wood Type (Mangrove)


Supported Minecraft versions

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Mano, en la nueva actualización del juego tus elevadores no aparecen en el inventario para craftear ni en creativo...pero se puede crear si pones el crafteo, a lo cual solo sirve para bajar y no subir, al igual la mesa para los camuflajes está bug su interfas, deberías solucionar eso es muy bueno el
This comment has been removed
Welp I found a glitch/bug. I placed the elevators where its supposed to go, made sure its less than 10 blocks apart (its 8 blocks apart) but when i tried it, it just didn't work. Just to make sure are there any experimental stuff that makes the addon break?
cool but can you add a block that you gotta put next to it thenif you click on the block it connects to all the elevators above and below and then it shows a number for each elevator and you press on the elevator number let say your on it and there none below but 1 above so it says your on 1 and when you press 2 it tp you up to 2 with any players on the same elevator and can you
Spdderock Is A God May 07, 2021 at 9:38 pm
Bro that made my brain hurt : [
I cant place the elevator block
It’s great, I used it in my redstone world and it is very useful. Thanks for the great addon!
Very good Addon. Do you add more textures for the elevator?
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