Published on January 19, 2022 (Updated on January 19, 2022)

Hidden TNT

Have you ever dreamed of pranking your friends, but the tnt is easily visible?then this addon is for you! This addon adds 6 new tnt to the game, each one blows up when you step on it!

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This is great for pranks, but it's very op, crafting should give you half of the tnt since they are very op, it should give you 4 oak tnt, this way it would be more balanced, it would give you half but these exploded quickly when pizarroas and they would be camouflaged, in my opinion it is a fair price to pay, your complement is great, but if I don't explain myself very well, I am using Google Translate to be able to communicate and
Hello! Thanks for your comments, I will keep it in mind.
In the next update I will add more TNT and I will balance the add-on.