Published on August 13, 2020 (Updated on August 14, 2020)

Hide N Seek (Blocks Version)

Hide N Seek

Do you wanna play hide and seek in the hive server but just want to play it with your friends?Here is the map for you I made myself.You will enjoy playing this with your friends.Its like the popular game of the hive server.

If you are a Hider, you will need to hide but you will turn into a block! Amazing right?

If you are a Seeker,You must kill all the hider,you will be given an Iron Sword to help killing them.

Water is deadly! For some reason.So be careful!

Add-on : Block Disguise

By : Freddricc

Blocks Disguise

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Hide n Seek


*Renamed the direct download to "HideNSeek.mcworld (Direct Download)'



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i can't seem to open your map it looks cool and me and my brothers have been searching for a game like this. it says your game supports 1.16 but am in 1.16.210 wouldnt it be the same thing? if you can fix this that would be great. Thanks!
Its in mc pack
AWSOME BRO! I have always wanted to play a game like this!
Without your addon its impossible.Thx

Join here fred if u have discord