Published on October 01, 2021 (Updated on November 04, 2021)

Hinge Simple Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Variation Update!

This Simple zombie apocalypse addon add a new type of zombie that doesnt burn in the day, hunt in groups, and agressive to all entity or mobs. great for those who want a zombie apocalypse addon but doesnt want too much thing added into the game.

New Zombie Variation Update !!!

3.0 Video

Whats New In 3.0:

Generic Zombie:

same zombie from last version

Climbing Zombie:

same as generic, but can climb, black skin color


Explosive Zombie:

same as generic, but explode after 5 second of not moving while having a target, light red skin color


Climbing Explosive Zombie:

same as generic, can climb, can explode, dark red skin color



2.0 Video

Watch this video for explanation.

Images & Explanation:

extra information:

-zombie broadcast anger radius is 32 blocks, if you get spotted by a zombie, all zombie in 32 blocks radius will chase you

-zombie will leap at target

-hot blocks that zombie will avoid: Campfire, Fire, Torch, Lava, and all the soul variant.

-zombie cant swim water around your base is a great idea

-zombie can break door

Select version for changelog:


Added zombie variant (generic zombie, climbing zombie, explosive zombie, climbing explosive zombie)


How to pass linkvertise:


Installation Guides

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Which danloud do I pick?
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Hey Great HINGE can you make this?
Every zombie hinge have a possible chance for infect players our mobs with fatal_poison and when die, turn zombie!

Our can you add with explosion effect poison in the radius of the explosion??

Can you make big zombie with 3 blocks the height?

Can you make a sneak zombie?
-When the target don't look this zombie run for the target
-The zombie sneak don't produce songs except when die our get hit
You accept this challenge ?
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zombie with brain
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Posso usar no meu canal? Você vai receber créditos
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