Published on October 01, 2021 (Updated on April 25, 2022)

Hinge Simple Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Tissou support & More !!!

This Simple zombie apocalypse addon adds a new type of zombie that doesn't burn during the day, hunts in groups, and is aggressive to all entities or mobs. great for those who want a zombie apocalypse addon but don't want too many things added into the game.

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What's new:

  • Tissou zombie skin support! (click the gear icon on the resource pack)
  • Zombie vision has been improved to 32 blocks
  • New spawning system, there are more zombies now
  • Generic zombies give 1s slow effect now
  • 1 New entity (Summoner)
  • Some of the zombies can swim now
  • Zombies can use armor and tools now
  • IDK I think that's all


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Hello can you remove the summoner and make them natural respawn instead
Can u make a subpack where the hinge zombies don't attack vanilla mobs? It's looks so weird and lagging cause of mob drop everywhere... Or just remove this feature?
Pretty cool! But can you also add tht one animation where the zombies are crooked?
I know your probably annoy about this but will you update weeping angel
Sorry for this option or request, it is that in the game with the addon the zombies attack the normal zombies of Vanilla and the animals and other entities, this causes that there are many items thrown away such as, for example, zombie meat, wool, meat and leather, these items cause a certain level of lag in the game, more for bedrock users. It would be great if in the future you could add an option to avoid this, for example some time ago I saw in an addon that the zombies attacked the animals and when this happened the animals did not drop items, it was a feature and it prevented you from getting food easily haha, or you could make a subpackage for the poor or with a mid-range cell phone haha ​​or with Android, it would be great and it would be very kind and considerate of you.
This addon is great, it's good that it received an update, I hope it doesn't lag on mobile devices. Hey, an idea that would be great would be zombies that see you through the walls and call the other zombies, meaning that they notify them, let them know your location, so that the explosive zombies attack you, it would also be great a type of zombie that would break blocks, but this on Android and cell phones would give a lot of lag. Sorry if I don't explain myself very well, I'm using Google Translate to be able to communicate and comment.
Remember me dude!
Hello, friend. nice to meet you. I am a Chinese MC developer. I think your mod is great. China has a big market. Can you cooperate? We will divide the profits equally. If you can agree, we will be very successful. I have good cooperation experience with foreign friends.
Which danloud do I pick?
Hey Great HINGE can you make this?
Every zombie hinge have a possible chance for infect players our mobs with fatal_poison and when die, turn zombie!

Our can you add with explosion effect poison in the radius of the explosion??

Can you make big zombie with 3 blocks the height?

Can you make a sneak zombie?
-When the target don't look this zombie run for the target
-The zombie sneak don't produce songs except when die our get hit
You accept this challenge ?
great idea, ill try to make some of it.
zombie with brain
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