Published on October 07, 2021

Hinge Lost Cities Lights Out

Hinge Lost Cities Lights Out Addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition gives you randomly generated city with almost no light source, like the original lost cities mod on java edition. city will appear everywhere on the overworld.


this addon currently have 12 buildings:

And a propper clipping so building doesnt seem like its cut in half when they collide

Known Issue:
-some buildings spawn less frequently than other (i will look into that) 

-some buildings will be cut when you first load the world (not my fault its a minecraft bug) 

-they spawn randomly (which means they will collide with each other and buildings will not line up with each other) 

-buildings doesnt have randomized floor (im still trying to find a way to do that) 

Whats next:
- Chunk based building spawn feature (which means they will collide less and you should see buildings line up with each other) 

- Randomized floor for building 

- More Buildings (Join Discord if you want to get your building into the addon) 

Join Discord, read more information on how to get your buildings to be featured (on the discord) and put your .mcstructure file there 

-road and subway 

If anyone know how to improve the addon and want to Feedback join the discord:


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But still, that a 5/5
Suggestion: Add abandoned roads and vehicles in the cities. And atleast vines & leaves or holes on the buildings to make it look actually a lost city
Here's a couple of suggestions. Perhaps a slider to control the frequency of buildings and another for damage. Still playable as it is though, good job - thanks.
It’s probably a really mod but I can never find a building. Are the spawn rates low or bugged for me?
I can’t find any ether
this addon is perfect!
I hope you release an apocalyptic version, it would be awesome
Love this addon but after the next updates can you add a post apocalypse version im putting add ons together to make zombie apocalypse
Interesting addon, however I know that you can improve more on it soon. Don't mind Bits1, just another attention seeking troll.
Will there be chests with random loot in future updates?
Not exactly a chest. But yup there will be random loot.
this is amazing but can you consider adding roads i want to make ✨street circuits✨
wait oh im dumb roads are being added next update