Published on September 25, 2021 (Updated on September 24, 2021)

Loot Crate Addon Template

Did you ever wanted to make your own loot crate? or maybe a random loot on a structure? well this addon is for YOU !! make your randomized loot far faster and easier with this addon !!!


What does this addon offer?
- 6 customizeable loot crate block 

what did you need:
-know how to make loot table
-some software to open / edit json file 

How to use the loot crate?
first go to loot_tables/blocks folder on behaviour pack, then put all your loot.json there and change the name to one of the following or just keep it if you doesnt want to change it.
- hg_crate01.json
- hg_crate02.json 
- hg_crate03.json 
- hg_crate04.json 
- hg_crate05.json 
- hg_crate06.json
Note: make sure to delete the default one first if you want to change it. 

After you change all of that you can change the texture pack on the textures/blocks
- hg_crate01.png
- hg_crate02.png
- hg_crate03.png
- hg_crate04.png
- hg_crate05.png
- hg_crate06.png
you can change the texture based on the tire loot.

example: if you put bad loot on crate 01 and good loot on crate 06 you can change the crate 06 texture with a cool crate and crate 01 with a broken wood crate 

after you done all that step, open minecraft activate behaviour pack and the following experimental features


the block is only obtainable trough creative /give command


if you have done all of that correctly you should see the crate like this:

Please do not redistribute this addon without the original link and my premission

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just fixed the linkvertise link nothing else. . . .


How to pass linkvertise


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