Published on February 25, 2021 (Updated on August 07, 2021)

Hog's Trees

This addon is an addon that adds 7 new trees into the game. The tree's are Coconut, Apple, Mangrove, Cherry tree (and 3 other new ones!). The trees function and naturally generate in the world.

There are 4 trees added. A coconut tree. Apple tree. Mangrove tree and a cherry tree.

The mangrove and cherry tree has its own new wood type. Each new wood type has Log, planks, stairs, slabs, 6 sided log and leaves for its tree.

All rotatable blocks are rotational. But i'll show you the tree's.

There are 3 versions/sizes of each tree.


Cherry Tree

The first tree is the cherry tree. The cherry tree can be found in plains and forest biomes. The cherry tree's leaves naturally break and it's own wood type.


Mangrove Tree

The second tree is the mangrove tree. The mangrove tree is a tree only found in swamps. They have roots and its own type of wood type. The leaves naturally break like the cherry trees.


Coconut Tree

The third tree is the coconut tree. The coconut tree is found in beaches or deserts. The tree is like a palm tree and have coconuts that grow off of some of the leaves. The coconut tree has jungle logs as it's wood.


Apple tree

The final tree of release is the apple tree. The apple tree grows apples on the leaves and uses oak as it's wood type. It has the same look as the oak trees but with apple leaves. The leaves grow apples onto them like the coconut tree.

Update 1

Soul Tree

The first tree of Hog's Trees update 1 is the soul tree. The soul tree is a tree only found in the soul sand valley and it can drop souls. The tree is soul sand based and has the trapped souls of thousands of travellers in its roots. The tree must be planted on a nether block. The soul tree also has stair and slabs which can be crafted as you expect.

Charred Tree

The second tree I have added is the charred tree. The charred tree is a tree that can only be found in the basalt deltas. The tree has no sapling but drops magma cream and ash when the leaves get broken. The logs can be used as a building block or if you put it in the crafting grid it will give you ash. Ash is a blaze powder like substance which can be used as a fuel in a furnace.

Maple Tree

The next tree I added is a maple tree. The maple tree has maple syrup in its logs and leaves. The maple tree is just oak logs so no special planks. But when stripping the log you can get maple syrup or breaking the log does the same thing. Maple syrup can be eaten. It gives good saturation and gives speed when eaten. The leaves of a maple tree periodically change the longer you stay in the world. A bit like seasons.

I also have created a video describing the addon :)


Select version for changelog:


Added 3 new trees.

Fixed sapling hitboxes. Added block tags.

Made stairs have upside down rotation

Added some more items.

Made more recipes compatible with custom wood

Moved items in creative menu to correct places

Made all blocks make the correct sounds


In the menu go to storage settings and delete the old hogs trees. Then import the newest update of Hog's trees into the game.

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Just a small thing: a maple seed is called a samara, not an acorn.
Oh. Alright, if/when I update this I will change it, however I am most definitely not going for anything accurate
I have everything downloaded but I have no stairs or slabs for any of the blocks.
if you add doors i might download
Eventually. Honestly some addon creating has been demotivating, the texturing mainly. However I have people who are happy to help me. So one day I shall add doors. The codes there I just need to finish the rest and patch alot
Can you add Purple Wisteria Trees and grass with flowers for a flower biome? I would be very cool if you did! Oh and I shouldn't forget that you should add it so it can work in 1.17.2.
I'm working on updating all my addons at the moment. So will be fixed soon.
Sorry I meant -It would be very cool if you did- but I put -I- instead of -It- so sorry
Everything is great But why are the trees not spawning randomly but otherwise great
They should be spawning. Check if you have experimental gameplay on.
Everything is great But why are the trees not spawning randomly but otherwise great
CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN April 03, 2021 at 5:52 am
Can you change the sound of wood cracking because it sounds like stone
Looks cool! Do you mind if I use this in a modpack I'm working on? Thanks. Also, maple trees would be cool.
You can use it in a modpack as long as you give credit.
So the items are there, but they don't have a texture, can't be placed, and they definitely have their item name as the file.
Check whether you have both the resource pack and behavior pack.
Can u make more nether trees too? Maybe like basalt tree with wooden basalt or wooden blackstone. In the basalt deltas.. Or soul trees or bone tree with. Soul wood in the soul sand valey... How bout add a costum structure in villages tht will have a random type of tree... Ik its alot but ik u can do this! Keep up tye great work btw!
Nether tree's are a good idea. Thank you.
I am trying this on Xbox, and also make maple trees, they would be cool, and maybe pine trees that drop pine cones.
what is the sky texturepack name?
Cool, but why do the stairs not have the stair’s regular colision?
I struggled to make that. I will try and make that for the next update. I will also make stairs rotate upside down as well.