Holy Islands (0.3.35 Alpha Test) Refill Update!

Holy islands is an add-on in phase of Alpha Test in its version 0.3.35 ... it is only a test version to know what they think about it, so that they discover some bugs and give me advice to improve it and add new content since At the moment you only have a couple of minutes of content to discover, basically very little content.It is very inspired by the Minecraft Java mod called Aether, in this add-on you will find floating islands in the overworld, these islands have their own blocks, items and more.

Hello, how are you, after 1 year without doing anything that has to do with the add-ons, I came back presenting an add-on, I was creating it 1 year ago but I had canceled it because at that time I was using my cell phone to do it and it was very difficult for me to do it, also that it was not a very powerful device, but recently I got this new PC that thanks to it I can continue developing add-ons.

Remember that the ID of the items are /give holyislands:

I also did a "function" to get all the blocks of the game but you spend your time removing them one by one in each command

Command: /function holyislands_blocks

When you start a world you get an item called "Chipped cloud rune" it is an activatable item, that means that if you press right click you can interact with it, if they are on a cell phone hold down the touch as if you wanted to eat.

As the description of the item itself says, it will give you levitation for a few seconds, that means that when you start the world you can go to the islands without using blocks.

To begin you will find this biome of islands, "Sacred islands" which is the only biome that this add-on adds.

In these islands you will find several things, such as this unique berry bush called "Black sun berry bush"

These small shrubs can make "Black sun berry" grow. what are edible berries

As it says in its description, apply a negative effect called "Blindness" for just a few seconds

These shrubs have their growth stage, Its first stage is "grow", which is its smallest growth, then it is stage 1 that it has already grown and lastly stage 2, which is when its berries are grown.

To be able to plant these shrubs you need their seeds.

These seeds are obtained by breaking the herbs on the ground, they have a chance that they will give them to you, like wheat seeds.

You can only plant these bushes in the "Sacred grass" and "Sacred dirt" blocks as the following image shows.

It is the biome of the "Sacred islands" you can find some vessels, these vessels can give you things if you break them, the most important things they can give you are the "Mimic iron key" and the "Cloud rune"

These vessels you can break them using your hand, these are the items that you can get from them...

the "Iron mimic key" and the "Cloud rune" are items that have little probability of dropping, since they are items of a lot of value.

First we talk about the "Cloud rune" it is the version of the "Chipped cloud rune" but in good condition, this rune as it says in its description applies "Levitation" and "Slow falling" which is much safer than its damaged version.

Now, the "Iron mimic key", this key works to open the "Sky chest", they are very small chests that contain useful things for the player, and even have unique items.

The "Sky Chests" cannot be opened with anything other than your key...

Maybe when you open one of these chests you will be surprised when it comes to life and tries to assassinate you.

This is the "Iron mimic", it is a very dangerous small enemy, it has high damage for its size and it is difficult to hit because it is fast and small, a whole killing machine.

The "Iron sky chest" and the "Iron mimic" have the chance to give you some unique items.

The "Iron mimic summoning staff" as it says its name is invocation staff, summons 1 "Iron mimic" ally that will attack the mobs.

The "Mimic wood sword" is a sword without powers but it has the damage of a diamond sword, it is quite strong for a start.

The "Living iron mimic" is a summoning item, it summons an "Iron mimic" but compared to the staff this mimic will be an enemy, that means that you can kill it and get new items that it leaves when it dies.

Finally, there is the "Sacred oak crafting table".

It is as if it were a "Crafting table" but only for things that are from this add-on


This add-on also adds some decoration.

Thank you for trying this add-on, it is greatly appreciated that you tell me in the comments what you think about this.

Holy islands 0.2.27 Clouds update:

New update!!!

To begin with, there were have new structures, "Clouds" and reworks of textures for some items, and also the "Mimic" received a rework.


I also thought about adding some blocks to the creative inventory, would you like me to add them to all the others?

New crafts have been added to the "Sacred crafting table"

New apples, first the most basic apple is the "Sacred apple" you can get them in the "Sacred islands" in block mode or breaking the leaves of their tree.

Then there is its improvement, the "Cloud apple", it is better than the "Sacred apple" because it applies regeneration for a longer time, it can be crafted, you can look at the crafting inside the "Sacred crafting table".

What many of you asked for, new mobs!

Living cloud

Small storm

"Living cloud" is an enemy mob, they can spawn in the "Sacred islands", this mob has an ability that applies levitation in area to the player and his allies

By killing this mob he can drop "Cloud orb" and "Cloud fragment" with a high probability, but the most important thing about this mob is that it can drop a very powerful sword, but it has an extremely low probability, we are talking about the "Ancient cloud sword", but we will talk about this sword later.

"Small storm" It is a flying enemy very similar to a Ghast, it spawns in the "Clouds", at the moment it is the most dangerous mob that includes this add-on, it is weak in life but does great damage and it is also difficult to reach it with a arrow, this mob also has an ability, when the player or an ally is within 10 blocks of this mob, it will launch a lightning bolt, when it is killed it may drop the "Mini small storm summoning staff", as its name says it is a invocation staff.

The "Mini small storm summoning staff" summons a "Small storm" in its mini version, compared to its large version it cannot throw lightning at its enemies.

Well, now the most important thing about this update...

Cloud dungeons

They are dangerous structures, these are made of new blocks that this add-on includes.


The loot from the chest of these dungeons is quite important for a single item, the "Gem of heaven"

The "Gem of heaven" has a one-component function, it is used to craft the "Cloud" tier, which is currently the best tier of tools in the add-on.

Speaking of components of the tier "Cloud" now I will show you the others.

And these are the crafts...

Finally, new vessels, the "Royal vessels" are generated in the "Cloud dungeons", they are much better than the common vessels, in fact this vessel is more likely to drop items of better quality, even unique items.

A unique item is the "Heaven wand"

This item is a wand that fires magic cubes that do normal damage, it does not consume any type of resource.

Another new item is the "Golden light wand", this wand has a function to heal allies in a radius of 5 blocks, it applies regeneration to your summons.

This item can be obtained in the common vessels and also in the royal ones, but obviously with more probability.

Well to finish this update, I show you the "Ancient cloud sword"

This is the strongest weapon of this add-on and of all minecraft vanilla, it is extremely difficult to obtain since it is very rare for a "Living cloud" to drop it upon death, but if by chance you get it, you will be very strong.

Holy islands 0.3.35 Refill update:

Before starting with the new content, it took a long time to update this add-on because it took me 1 week of rest and the rest I was busy at my school, I also want to tell you that this update, 0.3.00 was going to be the "Lunar update "but I decided to do it in 0.4.00 because I saw that the" Cloud update "was very lacking in content and challenges, there were only 3 cloud dungeons and only a couple of items, so I decided to make this update and add more content in the clouds, so good now yes, the 0.3.00.


To start now when you create a world, you start with 3 items, "Chipped cloud rune", "Rebirth ring", "Ancient book of creation".


As you may have already noticed, the two new items are the "Rebirth ring" and the "Ancient book of creation"

The "Rebirth ring" has the function of leaving a Spawnpoint where you want, to use it just right click and this item will disappear from your inventory and create a spawnpoint

The "Ancient book of creation" will create an island on your head, this island has a chest with starting items.


I was able to learn how to make custom particles, so I decided to rework the "Living cloud"


In addition, he also received a nerf from his ability, the levitation that he applies goes from 3 seconds to 1 second

I decided to add new cloud materials that were very difficult to craft.

Omega cloud orb

Cloud relic

With these new materials you can craft the "Cloud scythe"

The "Cloud scythe" is a weapon with good damage, but the most important thing is that it has an ability, if you right click it will apply Speed ​​for 10 seconds and Force for 5 seconds.

Now one of the most important craftable things, the "Cloud mimic key"

This update adds a very difficult challenge, the "Cloud tower"





This tower is very dangerous, there are too many enemies and spawners, but there is a lot of loot and in the end a great reward.

In this tower you will find a new mob that brings this update.

Cloud eye

This is an annoying mob as it has the ability to fly, this eye is weak but has moderate damage.

It can spawn in clouds and you can also find it in dungeons.


On the top floor of the tower you will find a mini boss, the "Cloud mimic".

This mimic can fly, it has a very high damage and a very high health, but the most dangerous are its abilities, the first ability applies "Slowness" for a couple of seconds, which makes you exposed to its attacks, its second ability makes him apply "Blindness" and also becomes invisible, which makes him extremely difficult to hit, but also while invisible, he will begin to regenerate his health.

It is the most complicated mob that this add-on adds, so you must be very prepared to fight.

But remember, the reward is worth it, this mimic can leave three new End Game items, such as the new best sword "Tati the michi sword", the new best summoning staff "The triplets summoning staff" and a new unique spell "Cloud shield. spell"

Tati the michi sword


"Tati the michi sword" is the rarest item of the "Cloud mimic" but it is worth getting it, it is a very funny sword, the story is that a friend of mine asked me to make her a sword, and I made her a cat sword With an ability, the ability of this sword is to give you regeneration 4 for 1 a second, in addition to invoking two kittens and also custom particles, it will also play an audio of my friend saying "Meow" so good, this sword is very special.

"The triplets summoning staff" is the most broken summoning staff in the game, since it invokes the triplets, they are flying eyes that will attack everything they see, each eye has its own name and ability.


Ruby eye

Ruby is the most aggressive of the sisters, she is the fastest, she will apply regeneration 1 to herself and her sisters.

Sapphire eye

Sapphire will apply force 1 to her sisters.

Emerald eye

Emerald will apply resistance 1 to her sisters

The three together are very strong, but as they die they will lose their power, because they will not receive the effects.

By the way, the sounds of these eyes are made by my voice.

"Cloud shield spell" is a unique spell that will invoke a rotating shield that will follow you, they will apply resistance 1 while they are with you, they will be active for an indefinite time, they can last a long time or they can last a short time, it depends on luck.




Now I will show you other things such as another new mob

Hades eye

Hades eye is a new hostile mob that acts like a phantom, it is not very dangerous but if annoying, it can spawn in the clouds, day and night, it does not have any loot at the moment.

Well, I hope you like this update, I know it has little new content but it was necessary, so I hope you enjoy it!

Select version for changelog:


-Added new islands variants

-Added new dungeon type  "Cloud tower"

-Added new mobs, Cloud eye, Cloud mimic, Hades eye

-Added new summons, Ruby eye, Emerald eye, Sapphire eye

-Added new materials, Omega cloud orb, Cloud relic.

-Added new end game weapons, "Tati the michi sword", "The triplets summoning staff", "Cloud shield spell"

-Added new furniture Cloud table, Cloud chair, Cloud bowl

-Added gem of heaven apple

-Reworked Gem of heaven texture

-Reworked Living cloud

-Added custom particles

-Added custom sounds


When you enter the Mediafire link, just download the file and open it, and it will automatically install in your Minecraft

Supported Minecraft versions

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Hello, I want to tell you that this project that I had called Holy islands, I will not update or continue again, I had too many problems with Minecraft Bedrock, the game does not even open, I look for solutions everywhere trying to make it work but nothing, but what else made the desire to develop this add-on go away was that the development became too boring, honestly creating add-ons is not the same as at the beginning, it is already very boring and a very slow job that consumes too many hours and more for an add-on like that, I decided never to touch them again and I have no idea if one day I will return, maybe, thank you very much everyone for the support of my project, I appreciate you and your comments of support towards the add-on.
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Hello, I want to tell you that this project that I had called Holy islands, I will not update or continue again, I had too many problems with Minecraft Bedrock, the game does not even open, I look for solutions everywhere trying to make it work but nothing, but what else made the desire to develop this add-on go away was that the development became too boring, honestly creating add-ons is not the same as at the beginning, it is already very boring and a very slow job that consumes too many hours and more for an add-on like that, I decided never to touch them again and I have no idea if one day I will return, maybe, thank you very much everyone for the support of my project, I appreciate you and your comments of support towards the add-on.
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This addon is just getting better and better.Also is there a discord .
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Hola, espero de que no te olvides de mi petición, la cual es que se pueda domar el cofre de hierro y lo puedas usar como mascota, este se domaria con bayas del sol negro, se veria tentado a ella cual vaca al trigo, esto seria por los que jugamos en celular
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Awesome addon but there is a problem everyone time try to download it.lt doesn’t work. Can update the addon mcaddon app. But it still a very cool addon.
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Hello guys, I had a break from the development of this add-on, I had many tasks from my school, etc, I want to tell you that I am going to open a discord server, so that we can all talk, so that we can make a nice community and that you can give suggestions for more content and if you want to give your contribution in the add-on helping me to develop it by creating your own island variants! By the way, I am also going to monetize my content, since it takes me many hours of work and I want to make some profit of this, I hope you do not mind this decision that I am going to make.
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Me encanta tu addon, quizas podrias agregar algún tipo de mineral único y nuevo que solo se obtuviera en las masmorras sagradas
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si por supuesto!, tengo pensado de añadir mas de 20 minerales nuevos, pero tardara un poco, tengo pensado nombres de algunos minerales como, "Skynium" "Zenith" "Stardust" "Emporium" "Klorium" "Amberstone" y muchos mas!
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Podrias nombrar uno como Latamstone, por favor
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How do we upgrade the stuffs? Are we gonna use the runes from your other addons?
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improvements of what? Explain me, my other addons do not work, they are from old versions that I do not plan to update because they are basic add-ons that bored me to develop
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The weapons and the other things that has this "Level 1" thingys, are they upgradedable?
Also the update was amazing
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Wait a minute if the next update is lunar,
Then WERE GOIN TO DA MOON, or maybe just moon themed biome islands. Anyways ill be waiting for the update, thx for making this mod though :)
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Hello, thank you very much for your vote, go to the moon, it would be for another add-on, obviously it will be another new bioman of islands, but they will have a lot of fun things
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virustTotal scan(not an advertisement!):
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bruh where
did the scan link go
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Can you add some custom bos? Like a fallen angel or demon king?
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obviously! That will be in the future, although I have no skill in 3D models and animations, so do not expect much from me
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give download as a folder, so it can be easily put on a server

anyway 5/5 good mod yes
does not deserve to be called an addon it adds too much
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Thanks for your assessment, you can get them yourself by changing the file name you download, just change the ".mcaddon" to ".rar" and extract it, and it has the resource pack and the behavior pack
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This is good for skyblock
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Thank you very much for your assessment, yes, in fact it is one thing that I thought when developing this add-on, that people start on the islands, but it is still lacking in content, when this add-on grows it will be more fun
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I honestly take my hat off to such a complement, 10/10, this is already technically a Mod, incredible, congratulations
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Thank you very much for valuing my work, sincerely these comments make me want to continue with the complement and that is what I will do, to compensate for your supportive comments is to continue with this mod, soon I will make a discord so that they can join everything and give your suggestions.
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Esta increible el addon la verdad, pero seria posible disminuir el rango de aparicion del bioma? osea que no aparezcan tantas plataformas terrestres en el mundo :9
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Que onda pa, emm no entendi tu sugerencia, explicame mejor.
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