Holy Islands 0.6.00 Magic and Minerals Update!

Holy islands is an add-on in phase of Alpha Test in its version 0.6.00 ... it is only a test version to know what they think about it, so that they discover some bugs and give me advice to improve it and add new content since At the moment you only have a couple of minutes of content to discover, basically very little content.It is very inspired by the Minecraft Java mod called Aether, in this add-on you will find floating islands in the overworld, these islands have their own blocks, items and more.

Hello, how are you, after 1 year without doing anything that has to do with the add-ons, I came back presenting an add-on, I was creating it 1 year ago but I had canceled it because at that time I was using my cell phone to do it and it was very difficult for me to do it, also that it was not a very powerful device, but recently I got this new PC that thanks to it I can continue developing add-ons.

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Reworked Bone Ghost Animations

Reworked Living Cloud Model, Ability sound, Animations

Changed All mobs sounds

Changed recipes - Cloud Materials (Omega Cloud Orb, Cloud Relic)

Now to collect the leaves of the trees it is necessary to use shears

Reworked Cloud Bowl model

Reworked Cloud Tower

Reworked Cloud Eye, Emerald Eye, Ruby Eye, Sapphire Eye Textures

Reworked Heaven Wand


Bugs fix:

Fixed - Items and Entities Freezes on lunar islands


New Content:

-New blocks

Cloud Lamp

Sacred oak log Lamp

Lunar log Lamp

Skynium Block

Aquarias Block

Klorium Block


-New Minerals





-New Items

Cloud Stick

Cloud Brick

Raw Skynium

Skynium Ingot

Cloud Skynium Ingot

Skynium Nugget



Aquarias Wand

Klorium Wand

Akuarium Staff

Asquas Staff

Sandy cloud powder


-New Armor

Cloud Helmet

Cloud Chestplate

Cloud Leggings

Clod Boots


New Recipes on sacred crafting table:



-Iron ingot

-Gold ingot

-Iron nuggets

-Gold nuggets

-Iron block

-Gold block

-Diamond block

-Iron armor and tools set (Tools dont work in Holy islands blocks)

-Gold armor and tools set (Tools dont work in Holy islands blocks)

-Diamond armor and tools set (Tools dont work in Holy islands blocks)


-Bed (Lunar Wood)

-Chest (Lunar Wood)




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The endpoint of having better tools withers me, because you can expand potential of the game, even cloud rune itself expands it by a lot, having a build minion ( cube or whatever) which flies around & give you (given to him beforehand) building blocks would be great. Mod kinda reminds me old days of minecraft, when flying islands were generated, old worldgen was glorious, new one is bad. So, the runes and unexplored lands give ability to misticify, so why not to use puzzles as tournament for rewards onstead of combat?... What about wands & their expansion?...
P.s that mod crashes 1.19.41 at random intervals, i'll gues when one of the mobs needed to spawn
Hola, ayer empecé un mundo con un amigo y está muy bueno y entretenido, lo mejor es que uno puede prácticamente "volar" con los item que hay jaja, solo un problema que le encontré, se generan demasiados "Boublix vivo" (supongo que nacen varias en cada "nube"), mi amigo se hizo una casa alrededor de agua y estuvo afk un rato, cuando volvió todo estaba lag y era porque esas criaturas "Boublix vivo" estaban "nadando" y eran demasiadas, tanto así que en el chunck dónde vivía mi amigo no se podía hacer absolutamente nada jaja, lo que vamos hacer es tener cuidado si pasamos por agua para que no se repita, un saludo :D
You should fix the cloud pickaxe it cant really mine anything other than the vases
Hello! I just tried cloud peak and it works perfectly in all the blocks, remember that the Add-on tools only work in the Add-on blocks, any other problem please comment.
this is skyfactory modpack version 7, if anyone wanted the updated version

www . mcbedrock.com/community/minecraft-mods/skyfactory-bedrock-100-plus-modpack-2/
Good news is this addons actually amazing and I’ll give five stars 5 and bad news is animal won’t spawn like cow, sheep, pig, donkey, horse etc
(But I don’t know how give you star :I )
Hello, thank you very much, I'm going to fix that terrible bug, in the next update everything will be fixed!
really cool idea for an addon. I'd prefer if the islands were a bit bigger and way less frequent, also some blocks appear as update blocks on console.
Hi how are things! I will focus on making the islands bigger and more beautiful, and I see that many people ask to reduce their generation rate, I will focus on it, and about the error of the blocks in the console, check that all the experimental options are activated and that the Minecraft is in the latest version to avoid problems like this.
Is there a way to download where is lowers the island spawn rate. I feel like they may be spawning a bit too frequently/close together and would like the challenge of them either being in a cluster such a biome of sorts, needing to be seeked out, or for them to be rarer and further away from each other adding to the challenge of having to explore to access the addon.
The truth is that I was thinking of lowering the island generation rate, maybe I will change it, but your other idea of ​​making it a type of biome is impossible, because in this Add-on the islands are generated as structures in the sky, no It is a procedural generation like any Minecraft biome.
I was a huge fan of the Aether mod back when I played on java.

This addon has some amazing potential.
Works great in realms and has a lot of cool features.

The only negative I have is for some reason I cannot craft the sacred crafting table.
Two sacred planks and sacred sticks...
I can craft a sacred crafting table in a sacred crafting table, but not from my inventory or regular crafting table it seems.

I was using it on a testing realm with many addons before adding it to my main survival realm, so something might be conflicting?
Perhaps I am missing something but ill be checking back in with this to hopefully add to my main realm.

Amazing job :D

*PS I love the design of everything, its adorable!
Hello, thank you very much for your opinion and recommendation, in the next update I will focus on all the recipes of the mod and the massive bug fixes along with many other things, still, I do not recommend using Add-ons in realms because in my case always I had problems and bugs, but hey I'll try to fix all those problems soon!
wow this addon is as good as the hidwoods or wastlander addons great addon keep it up 😁👍
Thank you very much! friend, this Add-on is getting much better and bigger thanks to comments of this type
terrariancraft33442 July 27, 2022 at 6:23 pm
i'm on xbox and when i download the addon and put it in the world all the mobs being them sheep cow chickens all the overworld land mobs don't spawn
It seems very strange to me, that doesn't happen to me, maybe it's a bug in minecraft itself, like the bug that the more you go down or up the more the mobs stop moving and you can't pick up items, I'll try to see if it's a bug although I already told you that doesn't happen to me.
It's so enjoyable, ain't gonna lie i would go straight 24/7 playing this addon nice work!
Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy it, there will be new content updates soon!
Me gusta la idea del complemento y su contenido en general, prefiero no instalar el complemento hasta que este en una versión mas avanzada pero le veo un buen futuro(claro si lo sigues actualizando 😉).
Gracias brother por tu opinion, pero recuerda de volver a probarlo en algun futuro!
This addon is just getting better and better.Also is there a discord .