Published on August 30, 2020

Calamytas Add-on Pack V1

Over 100 Gods slain, 1,000 kingdoms vanished from existence, and 100,000 titans scattered around the world.

IMPORTANT: Remember for the addon to work the Experimental Mode, Resource pack and the Berhavior pack need to be activated, Also for the swords and special items that this addon such as Loot Crates to work basically, the addon has to be first in the Berhaviour's list, that is, above all other addons.

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Loot Crates v2:

Magic Stones V1:

Hades Monsters V1:

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-Change in the thumbnail photo of the addon, including changes in the description to be accepted. Thanks


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They Thought that cyan blue thing was I diamond this mod is Great! Also make it a Zip file so I can play it on my Xbox!