Magic Stones V2 Ores Update

The addon is inspired by an object from the Aether mod, that object is called Healing stone.

This addon adds magic stones in which you can craft and get mining, you can also improve it to increase its power.

IMPORTANT: The blocks that this addon includes can be broken by hand, because there is no existing code in which it can be done that a type of tool is required to mine.

For the Addon to work perfectly you will need to activate the Resourse pack and the Berhavior pack, also remember to activate the Experimental Mode.

It should also be noted that the objects will not be found in the creative's inventory, the only way to obtain them is to use / give @s magicstones:

I just opened a discord server where I'm going to upload progress on addons, betas and you can talk to me if you have a question and if you have recommendations to improve the addons.


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-Added MJ gem - MJ Stone - MJ Stone Hastakted

-Added Combined gem - Combined Stone - Combined stone Hastakted

-Added Ores Yellow gem, Red gem, Green gem, Grey gem, Mystic gem, Blue Gem, Pink gem,MJ gem and Hastaktan crystal

-Removed - Now mobs cant drop Gems or Hastaktan crystal

-Fixed some crafts whit Hastaktan crystal

-Now Anmhasterum orb can drop the new stones - MJ stone, Combined Stone

-Changed Add-on description, And some improvents

Special thanks! - PrinceMJ - FirstTime3603



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Again awesome addon by MegaTitanio Really Awesome How This Is Inspired From The Healing Stones Again really fun to review on the channel and i wish you good luck dude!!! :D