Loot Crates V2 Mystic update

Add boxes to your survival world containing useful things that will help you survive.

All boxes are obtained by killing mobs, there are wooden, stone, iron, gold and diamond boxes, even special boxes.

Each box requires one key to open it and collect your things.

There are also magic crystals that will make your boxes empowered to improve their objects or the amount of them.

IMPORTANT: For the addon to work correctly, remember to activate the experiment mode and activate the Resourse pack and the Berhavior pack, also no object will appear in the inventory, if you are going to look for them use the command / give @s lootcrates:

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- Fixed Add-on title :/

- Fixed some bugs

Now enjoy the addon



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Can't seem to open up the boxes at all or get any to drop from mobs, help would be appreciated
Unlocking Iron, Wood, Special, Gold and the Mythical crashes the game hope this fix
Your add-on works just fine, BUT.

Unlocking Iron, Wood, Special, Gold and the Mythical crashes the game or when they are open and the player consumes the Item, the game crashes.

Could you fix it? I love this add-on but... This kind of bugs are annoying to death.
Its very strange because isnt crash me, Besides that more people tried it and that problem did not occur, Try to delete the addon and install it again
I had similar issues until I uninstalled the beta. If you have that, it may be the problem. If you don’t... I don't know.
However, I have encountered issues with crafting Netherite items.
Soon there will be the astral boxes, more objects like the broken key, and a new sword.
how do you open them on mobile? i can't figure it out
Really Awesome Addon My Guy!!!, it is really useful. it gives you a feeling of achievement when you kill mobs. i just did an addon review on it excited to discover some more work of yours :D