Published on August 03, 2019 (Updated on August 03, 2019)

Hoodie Mobs Skin Pack

Do you like Hoodie Skins and Mob skins? Why not both? So try this skin pack, Hoodie Mobs! This skin pack contains 10 different hoodie mobs to enjoy alone or with friends

Skins Included:

1-Hoodie Cow

2-Hoodie Pig

3Hoodie Horse

4-Hoodie Sheep

5-Hoodie Skelehorse

6-Hoodie Creeper

7-Hoodie Zombie

8-Hoodie Skeleton

9-Hoodie Enderman

10-Hoodie Slime


Click on the download button and proceed to open the file in Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions

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My fridaynightqwertygghouse July 05, 2021 at 2:02 pm
The only problbem I have is I can't download it it took me to a sketchy site if you can make this a media fire link it gets five stars UvU other than that I think the skins are very cute.
Add a pigman in a hoodie
Creeper in a hoodie
I really like the skins.
Hey it would be cool if you can add more of those slime with hoodie skins
You don’t have too just an idea
look for the guys that are saying "put a MediaFire link" the link that is in the description is a MediaFire link the thing is that it a link shorter (i think that is the way is write) so we can have some money for giving you free skins.
Omg rookie thank u so much that helps alot
Can you add more of those slime hoodie skins I love them
make mediafire link. creator and mothergarded is stupid :)
Make a mediafore link
guys im not rying to bully you but it worked for me
I pressed the link and it took me to porn hub. DISGRACEFUL BEHAVIOUR!!!!!!
I like this pack but no mediafile link