Published on February 18, 2019 (Updated on February 18, 2019)

Hoverboard Addon

Travel faster with new Hoverboard in Minecraft! Hoverboard is new popular vehicle for faster transporting. The main purpose for this add-on is to make Minecraft: Bedrock more fun. It’s highly recommended use it in multiplayer for a racing or similar.

Creator: Nogard (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook)

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Added Creator's title with links to all Minecraft Addons, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.



  • Hoverboard-Addon-for-MC-1.2-1.7.mcaddon
  • Hoverboard Addon for MC 1.8+.mcaddon

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I wish that we can stabd on the hoverboards, instead of sitting on it. But nice addon!!
Yes- Everything else is PERFECT. I love it- just make them stand up pls
I can’t import it
If you use iPhone you need to move the .mcpack file to Minecraft > games. Then click it and it should be fine.
What mob does it replace
i can,t see the hoverboard but i spawned it.Please fix it! thank you
i can,t see the board in my inventory
For somo reason i dont see the board but i can ride it..
Minecraft 1.10 is not supported.
I can't see the board... ?

V: 1.8
Not even that they made BABIE hoverboards and you could feed them wheat so I guess there the new sheep's...
Did you activate the behavior pack
It's not even rideable, I can't even ride the hoverboard like is there a way to tame it or something