Published on February 18, 2019

Hoverboard Addon

Travel faster with new Hoverboard in Minecraft! Hoverboard is new popular vehicle for faster transporting. The main purpose for this add-on is to make Minecraft: Bedrock more fun. It’s highly recommended use it in multiplayer for a racing or similar.

Creator: Nogard (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook)

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Added Creator's title with links to all Minecraft Addons, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.



  • Hoverboard-Addon-for-MC-1.2-1.7.mcaddon
  • Hoverboard Addon for MC 1.8+.mcaddon

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I wish that we can stabd on the hoverboards, instead of sitting on it. But nice addon!!
Yes- Everything else is PERFECT. I love it- just make them stand up pls
I can’t import it
If you use iPhone you need to move the .mcpack file to Minecraft > games. Then click it and it should be fine.
What mob does it replace
i can,t see the hoverboard but i spawned it.Please fix it! thank you
i can,t see the board in my inventory
For somo reason i dont see the board but i can ride it..
Minecraft 1.10 is not supported.
I can't see the board... ?

V: 1.8
Not even that they made BABIE hoverboards and you could feed them wheat so I guess there the new sheep's...
Did you activate the behavior pack
It's not even rideable, I can't even ride the hoverboard like is there a way to tame it or something