Published on March 27, 2022 (Updated on July 07, 2022)

Huge Modern House & Redstone Built v1.2 (Updated!)

It has A Huge House With Modern Decoration. And Some Mind-blowing Big Redstone Builts. There Is Two Different Worlds. The World Has Neither Garden, Safest Vault, Hidden Chests and Bases, Texture, Realistic Water, Achievement On! So What Are You Waiting For, Download It And Explore!

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I have added a huge Nether Portal in the upper world. There are all size Nether portals. So enjoy.


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I'm rooting for you. ✌️
The map was very good, the texture is stunning, very hot and warm, and it is beautiful even on Android 5.
The texture is a bit hazy which creates a beautiful atmosphere.
But steve had no firearms. It is more suitable for playing in peaceful mode.
The design of the enchanting table is also wrong and the libraries are not around it, When a bookshelf is placed next to an enchanting table (with one block of air in between) it increases the maximum enchantment level. There must be 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table in order to obtain the maximum enchantment level of 30.
Also conduit and beacon are not installed.
Thanks for giving such a good review. The requested features will be added in the next update.