Published on September 07, 2021 (Updated on September 29, 2021)

The Safest Modern House And Farm House

The Modern Safest House in Minecraft. Protected with security turret. It has some rocket and a fireworks machine. The house has self distraction Feature. Also has a secret treasure hidden in the farm house. Also have many features.

Hello everyone this is my first Minecraft world published in Mcpedl. Download it and I know you will enjoy it. Features of The map.

1.Modern house
2.Beautifully Decorated(Modern Furniture) 
3.Well designed.
4.Two Rockets(That will fly)
5.Firework Machine( Beautiful at night)
6.Farm House
7. Huge Aquarium(Added Many Fishes) 
8.Natural Beauty(Farm House)
9.Village behind house
10. Huge treasure quest
11. Almost security(Mob killer)
12. Self Distraction
13. Emergency escape!!
15.Rail Ride
16.Much more

You can watch the video:


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The house is designed in a very modern way. Which will be loved by anyone. It has three floor and resources.

How to fly the Rocket:

To fly this rocket remove the center wood block in the down. If it fly enjoy it. But if didn't fly. Please place a block in the middle again. Then It will surely fly.

Fireworks Machine:

The machine is really cool. It can be used to throw fireworks Rockets. Just click the map and it will start. To stop it remove a redstone that joints two parts.

Secret Piston Door Base:

There is a piston door in the pool. Which goes to a baseroom. It is empty now. So you can design the base.

Huge Aquarium: 

There is a huge aquarium in the farm house with many fishes and beautiful place. 

Almost Security(Security Turret):

We have used a mod named Security Turret. Click the link to view it. It will kill all mobs. You can walk in the night without getting hurt. 

Self Distraction: 

It is a feature that will destroy the house. But you will safe. There is a secret way in the ground floor. It goes to a room there is a switch. It will destroy the house. And you can get out from there from another tunnel.

Added Decoration:

The house is protected with French. Added a garden and road.

Added New Graphics:

High quality water and more.

And many other features. See the images. 





Select version for changelog:


New colourful graphics added. Added a secret swimming pool base. Updated happiness.


Installation Process:

Installation process is super easy. If you downloaded it by chrome. Click it and select Minecraft. It will open Minecraft and start instilling.

If upper process didn't work for you then follow the steps. First download Es file manager from Google it is not available in play store. 

After download open app and search modern safest house. 

The click the file select Minecraft and it will open Minecraft and start instilling. Enjoy...


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It will be there in the next update with many other features. But for you, this is the mediafire link.
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Sorry link can't be shared here. So wait for the next update.
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