Published on August 20, 2021 (Updated on March 08, 2022)

Hyva Furniture (Custom Blocks)

Simple, clean, and smells extremely nice. This is the Hyva Furniture much inspired by IKEA furniture. The furniture pack that will hopefully spice up your interior designing needs in your Minecraft world. This is very Hyvä!

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Updated features regarding the pack

  • Added Hyva Corner Couch
  • Made slight adjustments to Hyva Trash Can texture
  • Made slight adjustments to Hyva Couch textures
  • Remodeled and retextured Hyva Shoe Rack
  • Retextured Hyva Glass Jars
  • Monitor + Keyboard/Mouse are now interactable with different displays shown on monitor when interacted with
  • Hyva Dining Chair is now interactable with different cushion colours when interacted with Hyva Magic Pen
  • Changed Hyva Magic Pen colouring particle with something that looked more pleasing

Fixed issues/bugs

  • Fixed issue fridge inventory disappearing

Update regarding thread

  • Added updated GIFs for Hyva Magic Pen interacted blocks
  • Removed unnecessary images
  • Minor thread improvements


Supported Minecraft versions

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Sir please please it's my humble request that is plese make it complitable with minecraft 1.20.51
b or r? which one??.
This is really cool
Bro it would be great if you update this mod to the last version (1.21) cause it has many bugs, with textures, some objets appear but others no, thank you
Isn't forcing us to download something else against the rules? Or is that Linkvertise's fault?
Just click the link, go back to linkvertise and refresh then click download again
Bro you neee update this furnite plssss for 1.19.60
hello, any updates for 1.19.31 on this addon?
Nota para mí: no funciona en 1.19. solo aparece una silla
Hola! Con esta actualización ya no es posible usar este addon
Hey is it possible that i could use this addon for my roleplay series on youtube? If yes my discord is Harri (Chally) Fordson#9571
i very much love this mod but unfortunately the issues you stated with items in the fridge disappearing have not been fixed, and this issue also goes for the cabinets. this is likely due to the newer updates but i just wanted to let you know that they still disappear